Best of 2012

For a simple blog, FoodBlog Cape Town has been around for quite a while now – two-and-a-half-years in fact. It’s been so much fun and we aren’t going to stop any time soon.

I want to start a yearly tradition of highlighting the most popular blog posts for the year. It’s a chance for you to catch up on something you might have missed.

And it lets us revisit content we are particularly proud of.

Restaurant Reviews

Joe’s Easy Diner

Joe’s Easy Diner is the new kid on the block, after opening their first branch out in the new Blue Route Mall in Tokai. This restaurant has been completely decked out to look like an American-style diner – but somehow, it isn’t kitsch at all.

The concept isn’t a new one as Joe’s is actually owned by the same people who opened the UK chain, Ed’s Easy Diner, which first opened it’s doors in the Soho district of London in the 1950s and is now over 60 diners strong. But back to the food…

Joeys Easy Diner Burger

Sushibox Launch

Everyone who has read my Aqua reviews (yes, I wrote two), knows how much I love Terry Zhou’s sushi. The restaurant itself may not have been run all that well, but you could never fault it on the quality, range and inventiveness of the sushi.

Last week I got a message. A message that inspired such happiness, I could barely contain myself. TERRY IS WORKING AGAIN.


Sushi Box Cape Town

Five Flies Mystery Dinner Launch

“I did not kill that man,” I announced dramatically, with a flip of my hair and a flick of the wrist, “It was obviously one of you!”

I live for drama. And attention. And fun. And dress up. Oh and of course, food. So combine them all and you practically have my heroin. As I have mentioned before, it was the much-anticipated Five Flies Murder Mystery launch party last week and it was absolutely amazing.

Five Flies Murder Mysteries


Traditional Greek Salad

I made χωριάτικη σαλάτα (translate: Greek Salad) last week Thursday! I thought I would add the translation for those who aren’t fluent in Greek. Although a lot of restaurants offer this type of salad on their menus, there are many that add lettuce into the mix which shouldn’t really be included if you are making an original authentic Greek salad. This recipe is how the Greek Gods originally intended it to be.

Authentic Greek Salad without lettuce

Karoo Vension Potjie

Chocolate Fudge Cake

It was World Baking Day on Sunday and as part of the preparations Stork & Gorilla Creative Media sent us a baking kit to ensure that we were ready for the big day. The instructions were simple: Bake a cake, put it somewhere crazy and snap a picture of it. To see all the crazy cakes that have been created go to the ILoveBakingSA Facebook Page.

Cakes can be seen posing next to cars, pool tables and even at petrol stations. Others were seen surfing the waves and enjoying the stunning view from Table Mountain. Sadly, the cakes only had a short moment to enjoy their strange surroundings, as  they were eaten by hungry bakers shortly afterwards. To follow the action on Twitter just search for #caking.

Chocolate Cake

Fun Stuff

McDonald’s Photo Shoot: Advertising vs Reality

Have you ever had the huge disappointment of ordering your favourite McDonald’s burger and it never looked anywhere near like it did in the picture above the counter. A customer from Canada wanted to know more and went onto the McDonald’s website to ask this question.

“Why does your food look different in the advertising than what is in the store?” she asked.

McDonald's Ads vs Reality

The director of marketing for McDonald’s Canada addressed the question and posted a video on YouTube. She enters a normal McDonald’s store and orders a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Thereafter, she drives to a photo studio, where the a food-stylist and camera team are currently shooting the exact same burger.

10 Amazing Ice Cube Designs

These aren’t just any normal boring Ice Cube Designs: I am talking about ice-cube , that are so powerful that they start conversations. Here they are, my top 10 most awesome ice-cubes designs…in the world!

Titanic Ice Cube

Top 5 McDonald’s Product Fails

McDonad’s have always been about innovative new products to stay on top of the game in a very competitive US & European market. Some of those have been a great success while others failed miserably. I’ve had a look at the top 5 worst McDonald’s products that no one knows about anymore. If you have any other products to add, please comment below.


Pro-Diversity Ad by Nandos

We posted about the Nando’s Diversity Ad, which was banned by major TV broadcasters SABC, eTV & Dstv. But Nando’s has hit back in a way only they can: They have bought ad space at South Africa’s leading newspapers showing a scene-by-scene account of the television advertisement that no-one wants to show.

Nandos Diversity Ad

We will have lots more for you in 2013! Can’t wait to get started…


The Signal Hill Terrace

Galette de Rois at Cassis Paris