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  • 2-for-1 Sunset Sessions at Cowboys & Cooks

    Pull up a chair at the Cowboys & Cooks bar. Enjoy a G&T or glass of wine as the sun sets over the plush red and dark wood interior, a beautiful art-deco style place to unwind with friends or colleagues. Every day is a happy day here at Cowboys & Cooks when there are drinks […] More

  • R195 for Two Burgers / Pizzas from Eat Out The Box

    The perfect date night at home! Eat Out The Box serves up gourmet takeaways in the form of pizzas, burgers and ribs, pastas soups and sides – all the go-tos with an added dash of restaurant flair. There’s no need to feel guilty about these delicious meals. Is it burgers or pizza tonight? Maybe it’s […] More

  • All you can Eat Sushi Buffet at Kiwondo Sushi

    The sushi experts at Kiwondo Sushi combine years of experience with a love of good quality seafood. Their extensive menu includes all the sushi you’ve come to love, with an added Kiwondo signature style to make things a little interesting. Futomaki, truffle rolls, salmon roses, maki, nigiri, sashimi and more – the only problem is […] More

  • Delicious Brunch & Bubbly Special at Park-Inn Newlands

    Because you should sleep in and still get to enjoy gourmet breakfasts. Head to the  lush suburb of Newlands and stop at Park-Inn by Radisson. They serve delicious dishes in a modern, vibey setting from a menu that consists of fresh vegetables and salads, grilled meats and fish, as well as cocktails, beers, wines and […] More

  • R75 off your Orders from Big Mommas

    Home-cooked food for when you need some mouth-watering comfort. Big Mommas delivers homely experiences right to your dinner table. Just dust off that crockery and pretend you spent hours slaving away – stews and braai, rice, spinach and cream, pap and all the proudly South African delights. If you’ve never tried Big Mommas, you can […] More

  • R99 DIY Burger Kit from The Eatery Woodfired Grill

    Enjoy the Woodfired taste at home. At The Eatery Woodfired Grill, the menu is really simple, but the taste oh so delicious. Ribs, burgers and shakes – saloon style with much deserved attitude. But we know that you might still want to stay at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite burgers […] More

  • Enjoy a R53 Breakfast at The Townhouse Hotel

    It’s for those who like it simple and delicious. Trees Restaurant offers delicious breakfasts and warm beverages to get your day started on the right note. Restful surroundings make for an easy beginning, breathing in the smell of brewing coffee and hearing the light chatter of others who frequent this gem of the city centre. […] More

  • R80 Burger for Lunch at The Townhouse Hotel

    A classic that’s made just the way you like it. Trees Restaurant likes to keep it simple and full of flavour. A selective menu consisting of breakfasts, light lunches and classic gourmet burgers, as well as some aromatic warm beverages and soft drinks will be all you need to keep yourself satisfied. If you need […] More

  • Monday Steak Special for Two from The Eatery Woodfired Grill

    When last have you stepped a toe outside? Date nights? What’s that? It’s been a while since we’ve stuck a cowboy boot outside our ranch. But you can best believe that the scent of The Eatery Woodfired Grill’s sizzling burgers, ribs and steaks have been howling at us to come on by. They’re turning up […] More

  • Half Price Rotisserie Chicken Special at Strolla

    Don’t miss Strolla’s Rotisserie Chicken Special! Stroll along Cape Town’s Platinum Mile and into the welcoming embrace of Strolla… fresh, funky and your new local hangout for on-the-go coffee, simple yet sophisticated meals and classy cocktails on the sun deck with views of the shimmering seascape beyond. Every Wednesday, the restaurant is offering half a chicken served with […] More

  • DIY Eggs Benedict at Home from The Eatery Woodfired Grill

    While The Eatery Woodfired Grill prides itself on bringing the best in gourmet ribs, burgers and milkshakes, we have to tip our hats at their breakfasts too. Every good gun slinger knows that the sunrise and the rooster crowin’ means that it’s time to fight another day and for that we need more than some […] More

  • R99 Bazaruto Chicken Special at Mozambik

    Taste the Mozambican flair every time you step into the restaurant! All dishes at Mozambik are the perfect pairings for any mood, appetite or special occasion. They know that things are ever evolving, so why not offer a menu that reflects the divine complexity of our changing preferences? Seafood, grills, salads and desserts, legendary creamy […] More