10 Amazing Ice Cube Designs

As I haven’t posted anything in a while, I will write something that I’m truly passionate about: Ice-Cubes! Not just any ice-cubes – the ones you find everywhere. I am talking about ice-cube designs, that are so powerful that they start conversations. And here they are, my top 10 most awesome ice-cubes designs…in the world!

1. The Cool Jewel Ice Cubes

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Just run before she notices that these are only ice-cubes. Ice Diamonds and Rupees – what’s not to like! Awesome!

Jewel Ice Cubes

2. Cool Shooters

This must be the easiest way to keep a drink cool. Just have a ice shooter! Just gotta drink fast, or iti might to melt while it’s still in your hand.

Cool Shooters

3. FossilIced

These are pretty sweet and must be a hit at any kids birthday party! Even I want them – who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

Dinosaur Ice Cubes

4. AK Frozen Bullets

AK Frozen Bullets are either the most perfect way to commit a crime and leave no evidence, or a wicked way to cool a drink!

AK Frozen Bullets

5. FishBone Ice Cubes

These dead fish ice cubes will be the perfect addition to any toxic potion that is currently being served. – especially if you like experimenting with mixing drinks. 🙂

Fish Bone Ice Cubes

6. Lego Ice Cubes

Now Lego can also be part of your adulthood as well. Have some Lego ice-cubes in your drink while you drink to forget about your miserable life 🙂 These can be bought at the Lego shop online.

Lego Ice Cubes

7. Shark Fin Ice Cubes


Shark Fin Ice Cubes

8. Bottle Ice Cubes

These aren’t that much fun but are pretty cool nonetheless. This way your water stays cool even without a cooling bag. Nice…

Bottle Ice Cubes

9. Bone Chillers

Drink from a stein that’s been chilled to the bone with this Skull and Cross bone Ice Cube Tray! There’s nothing more fun than talking like a pirate, unless you have these cool ice cubes in your glass.

Bone Chillers

10. Gin Titonic

My absolute favorite. This is pure genius. It his highly recommended to yell “I’m the King of the world!!” as you slam one back.

Titanic Ice Cube

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Written by Marvin

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  1. Hi, do you know where can I buy the lego brick ice tray in cape town. my son is having a lego party for his 5th birthday in september and would love to use this to make jelly in.
    Many thanks,

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