The Kitchen at Maison

Maison Estate is owned by Weylandts CEO, Chris Weylandt. “The art of Good Living,” the core value of Weylandts is evident in the ambiance of the restaurant.

Surrounded by vineyards and gardens, The Kitchen at Maison is uncluttered, elegant and a vibrant space filled with earth tones. This “Good Living” philosophy is an appreciation of the simple things in life, bringing them into ones everyday living and enabling us to celebrate time and nature.

Experience a dozen different taste sensations that will surprise and delight your palate. Each dish has been stripped down to its essence, using new cooking techniques that ensure flavours enhance their counterparts without upstaging them. Fewer ingredients mean they have to be the best. Which means they have to be fresh.

The majority of the produce is sourced right here at Maison, and the rest, as close to it as possible. You can expect the menu to change regularly according to the freshest ingredients and ideas. You are encouraged to experiment with a diversity of dishes. For the full experience, it is recommended to try at least four to five dishes per person.

The acclaimed bistro-style restaurant is nestled among sprawling vineyards in the pristine Franschhoek valley, only a short drive from the Cape Town’s culinary capital.

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Directions to The Kitchen at Maison
021 876 2116

Tapas Style Tasting Menu Special at Maison

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