Introducing the new Kiddies Cheese Tasting at Fairview

Who said our cheese is just for adults?

Are you planning a trip to the Cape Winelands with the entire family this month. While the adults enjoy their wines, the kids are normally the ones left out as there is little to do but eat and listen to the grown-ups talk. That is about to change….

Let your child enjoy their very own exciting, delicious and extra sweet tasting, which includes the Fairview Goat’s Cream Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, White Rock with Cranberries, White Rock with Fig, White Rock with Pear and Caramel and a heart-shaped chocolate with cream cheese inside to end off the experience.

A glass of Ega Rooibos or Kiwi non-alcoholic grape juice is also served to accompany the tasting for only R35. 


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