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  • World Environment Day: Mindful sipping with Triple Three Gin

    You may have heard the phrase “drink responsibly”, but you’ve probably never applied it to your impact on the environment. Distilleries have the potential to play a significant role in creating a chain of sustainable practices – but they can conversely have a huge impact on the environment if sustainability is not at the heart […] More

  • 4 Incredible Gourmet Boxes available at Raith’s Fine Foods

    For the love of fine foods! Raith’s Fine Foods is an online store for fine food delicacies including quality deli meats, imported speciality products, local delicacies and delicious cheeses. They have just launched four incredible gourmet boxes that give you an assortment of their favourite products & they have a 20% off offer on your first […] More

  • Delicious Treats for Father’s Day by Between Bakes

    Dad size treats for #fathersday anyone? Baking makes the world go round! Now that’s a mantra we can live by. Between Bakes offers home-made baked goods made with love. From cookies, to brownies and everything in-between, they’ve got you covered with a few special creations in stock just to celebrate big occasions. What gift ideas […] More

  • Jordan Restaurant Drive raises R2.8 million for restaurants around South Africa!

    The Jordan Restaurant Drive has just wrapped up its second year with the 2021 drive being described as nothing short of a triumph!  With the help of our fellow restaurant-loving South Africans, Jordan Wine Estate has managed to raise over R2.8 million to help participating restaurants across South Africa! The money collected for the restaurants […] More

  • Locally-produced Honey now available at The Salmon Lady

    Something new has arrived at The Salmon Lady. Delivering the freshest seafood to your home in and around Cape Town, the Salmon Lady brings you the best value while always focussing on premium quality. Looking to expand on the offering, they’ve now added fresh honey to the list as well. Enjoy the one of the […] More

  • 5 Foodie Gift Boxes perfect for Father’s Day by Reunion Cafe

    Are you still looking for a gift idea for Father’s Day? The Platter boxes from Reunion Cafe are a perfect for any celebration be it office cocktail parties, baby showers, kitchen teas, birthdays, picnics and even board meetings. With Father’s Day coming up, these gourmet boxes by Reunion Cafe make for an incredible gift idea […] More

  • Monthly Seafood Specials from The Salmon Lady

    Get premium seafood at the best prices in town.  Missing your favourite seafood and a bit wary of venturing out into restaurant yet? Don’t worry! The Salmon Lady will deliver the freshest restaurant-grade seafood right to your door so that you can prepare your favourite meal with peace of mind knowing you are cooking with […] More

  • Between Bakes – Made with Love!

    Baking makes the world go round! Now that’s a mantra we can live by. Between Bakes offers home-made baked goods made with love. From cookies, to brownies and everything in-between, they’ve got you covered. Between Bakes started as a little side hustle in October 2019. We always wanted to do something that we both loved […] More

  • Try the Bougatsa Croissants this Weekend at Coco Safar

    O – ME – GA !! Coco Safar s baking up a storm this coming weekend with a sprinkle of happy Greek memories. Say kalimera to their new BOUGATSA CROISSANT, inspired by the succulent Greek-cream filled breakfast pastry enjoyed for generations since the days of Constantinople. This very satisfying and not too sweet croissant is […] More

  • Order your favourite Meals online from Cafe Charles

    It’s now easier than ever to order your favourite meals from Café Charles. The cold days have arrived in the Mother City and Café Charles want to make sure you won’t miss out on your favourite dishes. Feel like savouring that freshly prepared Eggs Benedict for breakfast at home – in bed? How about not […] More

  • When Art & Spirit collide, Magic happens.

    Award-winning botanical artist Jenny Hyde-Johnson is the designer behind the gorgeous artwork on the Flowstone Gin labels. The artist unpacks her collaboration with Flowstone Gin founders, Mark and Glyn French, her inspiration during the creative process and her passion for all things botanical. When Flowstone Gin’s founders – mother-and-son duo Mark and Glyn French – […] More

  • Fine Dining Chefs turn Home Dining into a special Occasion worth celebrating

    Nobody would have dreamed of deliveries from South Africa’s top fine dining restaurants in pre-COVID days, but they have now become a favourite indulgence in many people’s lives. With sophisticated ingredients and flavours prepared by top fine dining chefs, paired with a choice of wines and mineral waters, all in the comfort of your own […] More