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  • A Proper Burger Night – Try the Double Wagyu Burger at Den Anker!

    Den Anker, the renowned Belgian-inspired restaurant nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, has introduced a true masterpiece for meat aficionados: the Double Wagyu Burger. This culinary marvel promises to tantalize taste buds with its exceptional quality, flavorful ingredients, and masterful craftsmanship. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, the Double Wagyu […] More

  • Celebrate Christmas at The Park Inn Cape Town

    Are you still looking for a venue to enjoy a delicious Christmas Lunch with the entire family? Priced at R650.00 per person, inclusive of a welcoming drink, guests at Park Inn Cape Town are treated to a buffet spread that is guaranteed to fill you up. What’s on the Christmas Buffet? The starters beckon with […] More

  • Our Top 5 Premium Wine Tasting Experiences at Benguela Cove

    Which Tasting will you go for? Make your way to Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate, where the marriage of exquisite wines and incredible produce takes center stage. Indulge in the allure of summer with their wine-tasting experiences. From the crisp notes of Lighthouse Collection Sauvignon Blanc paired with Stonehouse Bergkaas to the effervescence of Cap […] More

  • The perfect Summer Platters at Benguela Cove

    The best platters to pair with incredible wines! Dive into summer at Benguela Cove with an enticing lineup of platters that redefine indulgence. From the diverse Benguela Melange Cheeseboard to the surf-and-turf Benguela Bounty Board, each offering is a carefully crafted experience designed to elevate your palate. The expansive views of the vineyard’s lush greenery […] More

  • Exciting News: Culture Wine Bar unveils its Splendor at Time Out Market Cape Town

    After a week of thrilling pre-opening events that allowed Culture Wine Bar to fine-tune every detail, they’re thrilled to announce that Culture Wine Bar is officially open for business at Time Out Market Cape Town, nestled in the heart of the V&A Waterfront. Embark on a journey in wine, as they pop the corks on […] More

  • Lisa King debuts her latest Gallery Space: Art Trader.

    Lisa King, a name synonymous with art and exquisite spaces in South Africa, has once again delighted art enthusiasts by cutting the red ribbon and welcoming all to her new offering, Art Trader. The Art Trader gallery stands as a testament to Lisa’s resolute dedication to the world of art. As a gathering hub for […] More

  • Enjoy a Fresh Oyster Platter & Bubbly at Benguela Cove

    Benguela Cove introduces an irresistible offer for seafood enthusiasts: a delectable deep dive into the ocean-fresh world of live oysters. Savor the ocean’s bounty with a tempting deal—6 live oysters for R250 or indulge in a dozen for just R480. These live oysters can be relished in their pure, unadulterated form or adorned with a […] More

  • Try a Master Piece: The Boma Burger!

    Introducing the Boma Burger, a culinary masterpiece crafted by Chef Vusi and Andrew Nel of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants.  This extraordinary creation embodies the essence of Boma on Bree’s commitment to excellence in every bite. The dynamic duo dons their metaphorical lab coats to meticulously curate the ultimate Boma Burger patty, skillfully incorporating the smoky […] More

  • The perfect Breakfast in the Winelands: Eggs Benedict at Vrede en Lust

    Enjoy the finest Eggs Benedict at Lust Bistro & Bakery, where culinary excellence meets farm-to-table freshness. Priced at just R110, this delectable dish features two perfectly poached eggs atop rosemary ham, nestled on a toasted English muffin, and generously drizzled with classic Hollandaise. Lust Bistro & Bakery takes pride in sourcing the finest local ingredients, […] More

  • Festive Season Delights with the famous Cheesecakes by Caffe Villagio

    Indulge in the delectable world of Caffe Villagio’s cheesecakes this festive season, adding a touch of sweetness to your family celebrations. Renowned for their irresistible flavor and quality, Caffe Villagio’s cheesecakes have become a favorite among dessert enthusiasts. Whether you opt for a whole cheesecake to grace your dessert table or choose the convenient cupcake […] More

  • Jive’s Summer Campaign: 80 Local Nicknames Take Center Stage

    One can always rely on Jive to do it differently in the Western Cape – with a mix of some heritage, culture and a dash of humour. This time, Jive cooldrinks have everyone talking, sharing and snapping as 80 local nicknames get memorialised on bottles and shipped to fridges across the region. We Mos All […] More

  • Celebrate your Year-End Function at Skye Rooftop Bar at The Hyde Hotel

    Celebrate your year-end celebration at Skye Rooftop Bar! Nestled atop The Hyde Hotel, this venue promises a memorable experience with panoramic views of the mountain, city, and ocean. Offering a refined atmosphere coupled with delectable food and beverages, Skye Rooftop Bar invites you to celebrate the culmination of the year in style. Planning your year-end […] More