World Class Cocktail Menu at HQ

HQ Restaurant has launched the World Class Cocktail Menu for 2017 with new and very innovative offerings to tickle everyone’s taste buds. Warren Cowdy, General Manager at HQ Restaurant, has been making waves during the competition, so the 4 new cocktails he and the team have added to the (already exciting) menu are bound to have imaginations ticking and palates kicking.

World Class is the largest and most prestigious mixology competition in the world. The program elevates the bartender’s craft and creates compelling fine drinking experiences for the consumer. World Class has been transforming cocktail culture around the globe since 2009 and has already inspired and educated over 15 000 bartenders in the craft of mixology. Today, the World Class program includes luxury outlets from 50 countries.

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HQ’s newest additions are:

Signal Hill Sunset: Bulleit Bourbon shaken cold with burnt orange cheeks, orange bitters, Aperol and a cinnamon infused vermouth. Served on the rocks

Steeped in Heritage: Tiki-style drink with Ron Zacapa, thrown with chai-steeped clarified milk and a touch of grapefruit and cinnamon syrup

Dia de los Muertos: Don Julio is shaken with fresh lime juice and a roasted jalapeno syrup and served over cubed ice in a short glass with a salted vanilla and jalapeno rim and a dehydrated lime – red food colour dusted over crushed ice

The Poached One: shaken with poached pears in white wine and, a touch of lemon juice and some angostura bitters. Served on the rocks with a flaming vanilla husk.

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