FoodBlogCT News Week 4 2013

Wednesday, the 23rd of January

Japanese Restaurant Unveils $110 Menu With Dirt As Star Ingredient

While there are many examples of humans eating dirt throughout history — perhaps due to certain disorders or out of necessity — dirt is not typically something that one finds at high-end restaurants. That is, until Ne Quittez Pas restaurant in Tokyo revealed its $110 menu with dirt as a featured ingredient. [read more]

South Africa’s most expensive wines

So you have a few cents to spare? Why not drop some on one of South Africa’s high end wines. [read more]

Energy Drink-Related Hospital Visits Double

The young man stumbled into the emergency room late one night after a house party, saying his heart wouldn’t stop pounding and he could barely breathe after downing liquor mixed with energy drinks. [read more]

This ‘smart’ refrigerator will cost about R25,000

Refrigerators are getting smart. A new model released earlier this month runs apps to help users browse recipes, create shopping lists and manage the expiration dates of items like yogurt and milk. [read more]

Tuesday, the 22nd of January

Restaurant Employs Bouncer To Keep Out Non-Locals during Festival

For the fifth year in a row, Uptown Fare, a small soup-and-sandwich eatery in the heart of Park City, Utah, will turn out-of-towners away at the door during the duration of the Sundance Film Festival. [read more]

Taste of Cape Town will start announcing Chefs & Restaurants involved

From today we’ll be announcing the awesome chefs and restaurants involved in this year’s show. We’re excited 🙂 [read more]

How many Calories are in your next serving of Fruit?

If you’re trying to eat more fruit for January and wondering just how many calories each type of fruit contains then this infographic is the perfect resource. [read more]

‘In Organic We Trust,’ Documentary 

As the debate over whether organic foods are really good for us continues to rage, filmmaker Kip Pastor brings us “In Organic We Trust,” a documentary about the brand-ification of organic foods and how, in its most beneficial form, the organic movement looks. [read more]

Monday, the 21st of January

An interesting article about a mom’s decision to put her 7-year-old on a diet

Dara-Lynn Weiss has regrets. Putting her 7-year-old on a strict diet, and becoming known in her circle as the mother who would embarrass her daughter by refusing her food in public, is not one of them. [read more]

PETA: Mars Astronauts Should Be Vegan

Doubling-down on a request made back in 2011, animal rights group PETA is once again urging future colonizers of Mars to adopt a purely vegan diet. [read more]

Research: Why do dissatisfied Customers coming back to McDonald’s?

According to a new survey, loyal customers of McDonald’s may often be dissatisfied with the fast food behemoth, but that doesn’t stop them from going back for more. [read more]

How Fresh is your Food [Infographic]

We’re constantly being told to follow our nose and common sense when it comes to decided whether ingredients in the fridge are still good for us to eat. Often sell by dates are expressed much earlier than needed by overly safe supermarkets. [read more]

The Entertainer launches in Cape Town

Cuvee at Simonsig