The White Room: New Fine Dining menu in Cape Town

A while ago we went to review The White Room at Dear Me Food World for their 10 course fine dining food and wine pairing. And I have to say, it was one of the most incredible experiences that I’ve had to date. Interesting, exciting, innovative and FUN – the White Room menu has been created to delight. So delightful they are, that they’ve had to extend their opening days to keep up with demand.

SO GET ALL EXCITED AND STUFF because The White Room is now open Thursday AND Friday evenings. But don’t be silly and leave it to the last minute – book in advance to ensure that you get a seat.

Check out the menu options below, so (kinda) see what you’re in for. The chef likes to keep you guessing, because the excitement of each course arriving is definitely worth the suspense.

Fine dining Cape Town menu choices at The White Room:

Fine dining Cape Town at The White Room

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