Enjoy Fine Dining at Home with Aubergine Restaurant

Simple but still tasty!

Aubergine Restaurant is renowned for their fine dining experiences and expertly put together meals & wine pairings. If you like the finer things in life, Aubergine is now doubt a firm favourite of yours.

Surely no meal we can cook up on lockdown can compare to fresh, organic salads, tuna tartars, chokka calamari, pork belly, springbok, linefish, cheese boards and chocolate desserts.

Aubergine is back – and they’re delivering

Aubergine Restaurant is simplifying their fine dining menu to simpler, more easy-to-transport options. They have created pre-cooked dishes that you can finish off at home and plate yourself.

These will come in vacuum bags, along with instructions. Products will last for a few days in the fridge and can be frozen. Book via Dineplan or click on Shop Now on their Facebook profile to order.

Deliveries take place on a Tuesday and Friday.

Simple, but still with that Aubergine flair. Order today.

The below is a sample menu and may change with every week.




Beef Tartare 100g (starter) R 95.00

Side Orders

Raita (Yogurt dips)


Monday Madness on Delivery with The Mash Tun

Fine Dining from Noop Restaurant delivered to your door