‘Curries of the World’ Cooking Class At Spicy Apples

Enjoy a flavorful journey with a Spicy Apples ‘Curries of the World’ cooking class, where participants can uncover the diverse and aromatic world of global curries.

This demonstration workshop on 18 July invites food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike to delve into the secrets of crafting rich and fragrant curry dishes.

Hosted at Beckhuis Kitchen, the class promises an immersive experience.

  • Guests will learn to prepare a variety of curries paired with complementary sides, followed by a delightful lunch where they can savor their creations. The experience is further enhanced with tastings of interesting wines from the local area, adding to the culinary journey.

Ideal for rainy or wintery days, this class offers not just culinary skills but also an opportunity to enjoy good food and company in a picturesque setting. Click here to secure your spot at the event!

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