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  • Summer Cooking Courses: Sushi, Cupcakes, Meat-Free & more at Spicy Apples Catering

    Spicy Apples Catering presents an exciting lineup of cooking classes for the first quarter of 2024, promising a year filled with culinary delights and celebrations of life. With a diverse range of classes and demonstrations, Spicy Apples invites food enthusiasts of all levels to come together, learn, and celebrate the joys of cooking. Which cooking […] More

  • Learn the Art of Kimchi with Sepial at Makers Landing

    Discover the art of kimchi making at the upcoming workshop hosted by Sepial at The Fermentary in Makers Landing by the V&A Waterfront. The event takes place on February 8, 2024, starting at 6:30 PM. This unique experience offers participants the chance to delve into the world of kimchi, learning the process from start to […] More

  • Explore East Asian Cuisine with Jenny Morris Cooking Class & Spicy Apples Catering

    Beckhuis Kitchen & Spicy Apples Catering is hosting an interactive cooking class featuring the renowned Jenny Morris, The Giggling Gourmet. This event, inspired by Morris’s extensive culinary expertise in local and international cuisine, promises an immersive East Asian cooking experience. Jenny Morris, a versatile personality encompassing roles such as author, magazine writer, radio and TV […] More

  • Join a fun Pizza-Making Class at Old Town Italy

    Get creative with Old Town Italy! Old Town Italy is excited to announce their upcoming pizza making classes. Only at Old Town Italy High Constantia These classes are all about enjoying great pizza, wine, and company. During the class, they’ll be serving up your favourite Old Town Italy wine, a light antipasti board, and providing […] More

  • From Kitchen Basics to Culinary Bliss: Teens Cook up Fun at Makers Landing

    Embark on a culinary adventure this summer at Makers Landing’s Enchanted Kitchen, where teenagers aged 12 to 17 can unleash their inner chefs through the Makers Landing Mini Makers food education programme. Designed to empower the future food innovators and enthusiasts, these cooking classes offer a magical blend of education and fun in a safe […] More

  • Cupcakes & Couscous Interactive Cooking Class At Beckhuis Kitchen & Spicy Apples Catering

    Are you ready to elevate your chef skills with a local celebrity chef? Spicy Apples Catering presents an exclusive opportunity to learn from the renowned food aficionado, Teresa Ulyate, in an interactive cooking class “Cupcakes & Couscous” at Beckhuis Kitchen that no foodie should miss! You will get to learn from the best with tickets […] More

  • Cooking Classes with Spicy Apples in October: Fresh Seafood & Summer Salads.

    Calling all seafood lovers and salad enthusiasts! Spicy Apples is hosting a sensational Seafood & Salads Cooking Class on October 25th and 26th that you won’t want to miss. These culinary events promise to be a feast for the senses: On Wednesday, October 25th, at 9:30 am, join the Demonstration Class where you’ll have the […] More

  • Join the interactive Christmas Cooking Classes at Spicy Apples

    Spicy Apples at Beckhuis in Worcester is the ultimate culinary destination for food enthusiasts looking to spice up their cooking skills and add a dash of excitement to their kitchen adventures. With a wide range of interactive cooking classes, this venue offers a unique opportunity for everyone to become a master chef in their own […] More

  • Join the Beginner’s Cooking Classes at Spicy Apples!

    Master the basics with Beckhuis Kitchen’s Beginners Cooking Classes! Hosted by Spicy Apples, this exceptional opportunity is perfect for students and anyone eager to enhance their kitchen skills and boost their culinary confidence. These hands-on cooking classes promise an unforgettable experience that will equip you with essential cooking skills and a dash of fun to […] More

  • Master your Air Fryer with these Cooking Classes by Spicy Apples

    Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your Air Frying skills to new heights? Look no further than SPICY APPLES, a culinary haven dedicated to empowering enthusiasts to embrace the joy of cooking. With their Air Frying 101 event coming up, they are set to […] More

  • Master the Art of the Braai with the Cooking Classes & Demos by Spicy Apples

    If you’ve ever been captivated by the mouthwatering aromas and succulent tastes of perfectly grilled dishes, then you’re in for an extraordinary journey. Whether you’re a novice eager to learn the basics of this traditional South African cooking technique or a seasoned enthusiast looking to fine-tune your skills, the cooking classes are designed to cater […] More

  • Cooking Classes & Demos: Creative Dinner Ideas by Spicy Apples

    In the heart of Worcester, a culinary haven awaits those seeking to embark on a remarkable gastronomic journey. Introducing Spicy Apples, a culinary sanctuary that beckons both aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike to explore the art of cooking through unique and interactive experiences. Offering several cooking demonstrations and interactive classes, Spicy Apples has carved […] More