Con Brio Bistro Review

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I’m a food sharer. There’s nothing better than ordering EVERYTHING and sharing it. Why? No orderers regrets. No missed opportunities. Happy Kayli. But quite often tapas style can also mean: expensive + small portions = Sad Kayli. But not Con Brio Bistro, a little gem in the heart of Gardens/Vredehoek (I still can’t tell the difference).

FYI: Don’t miss out on their 2-for-1 burgers on Tuesdays.

FYI again: Get 2 large pizzas for R150 on Wednesdays.

FYI once more: Get light lunch from Tues – Fri = two starter plates for R89.

Anyway, back to the Con Brio Review.


Baked Camembert // 44

This was a delish, perfectly ripe half round of Camembert, which means that it oozed deliciously. If the cheese isn’t ready, it goes soft, but holds it’s own, which isn’t the aim of the exercise. It was served with a sticky, but not-too-sweet apple jam (which wasn’t very jammy TBH) and crunchy nuts. I really liked the breadcrumb crust along the cut of the cheese – a nice touch.

Con Brio Review

Open Ravioli // 69

Pasta fan? Stop reading. Get into your car and drive to Con Brio now. What is essentially a simple dish, was completely packed with complementary flavours. Crunchy sliced courgettes, earthy mushrooms, crunchy walnuts, creamy goat’s cheese and fresh thyme, served with slightly al dente open ravioli sheets and spritzed with lemon. 12/10. Would eat again. Right now.

Con Brio Review

Chicken Livers // 69

Chicken livers pan-fried with mushrooms, caramelised onions, chilli, brandy and then finished off with cream, then served with toasted ciabatta. The livers were cooked very well – slightly pink in the centre – but lacked oomph for me. An extra whack of chilli, more brandy and some salt would go a long way.

Con Brio Review



Ostrich Steak // 130

It was delicious! Tender ostrich steak in Chimichurri (a fresh Argentinian sauce, thats packed with herbs and lemon) and served with sautéed spinach and mushrooms, delicate sweet potato crisps and a red wine and thyme cream.

Con Brio Review

Sirloin // 140

When I order steak, I say (vegetarians, look away, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway) “I want it so rare it is practically mooing”. This often makes restaurants panic, and they serve it normal rare. The sirloin was a bit overdone for me – but Marvin was the most pleased with it. Served with salad, baby red wine onions, a stuffed shroom, and either hand cut fries, mash or veg, it’s a nice big portion for the hungry.

Con Brio Review



Malva Pudding // 38 & Apple Cigars // 40

Both of these desserts are really delicious. The Malva pud was rich and dense, packed with pecan nuts and dates and served with vanilla ice cream. The Apple Cigars were crisp and light, and filled with cinamonny apples, then doused in salted caramel sauce and served with ice cream.

Con Brio Review

I really enjoyed my dinner at Con Brio. The staff are friendly and attentive, the mood is light and homely. Next time I go, I may get a few more starters to share instead of one big main, but the point is, there will definitely be a next time.

Con Brio Review

Directions to Con Brio Bistro
2 Deerpark Drive West
021 461 9957


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