Cheep: Let your stomach swipe right.

Introducing Cheep: Deals for the Hungry.

“When you’re hangry, you don’t always think clearly. But these days, one thing you are probably clear about is that you haven’t got tons of cash to make the hunger go away.” says Marvin Leugering, Cheep Co-Founder.

That’s where Cheep comes in.

This revolutionary app, launching in Cape Town, but available anywhere, lists the best restaurant specials and deals in your area – and beyond. But it doesn’t end there. Search near or far, by day of the week, or time of day: Want breakfast or brunch? Lunch, cocktails or dinner? Easy. Or maybe you know what you feel like, you just want a good price: Sushi? Burgers? Pizza? Got it. You can also search by occasion or event: Date night, business, family vibes? Check.

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Eaters rejoice: it’s free.

“We want people to spend their money on things they want to eat in restaurants and on tipping their waiter, not paying for our app. It’s as simple as that” explains Kayli Vee Levitan, Cheep Co-Founder. Cheep is free for download on iPhone and Android. It’s currently packed with specials in and around Cape Town, and is taking on the rest of the country day-by-day.

Restaurants: get in on the action.

For a minimal subscription fee, restaurant can list up to 10 specials a month on Cheep. In this version, the founders will help all restaurants upload the content, while they get used to the app. A future update will allow restaurants to add their content on the fly.

Making a better world.

“We’re excited about helping people find the food they’re looking for at a price they can afford. We’re excited about getting bums on seats in restaurants. And ultimately, we’re very excited that restaurants will be able to add last minute specials to reduce food waste in South Africa and beyond” concludes Kayli.

For more info, to get in touch, or download the app, visit

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