Between Bakes – Made with Love!

Baking makes the world go round!

Now that’s a mantra we can live by. Between Bakes offers home-made baked goods made with love. From cookies, to brownies and everything in-between, they’ve got you covered.

Between Bakes started as a little side hustle in October 2019. We always wanted to do something that we both loved and would enjoy doing together. Two sisters – Lindi & Hayley who had a dream and just put ourselves out there to make it happen.

It started out as a made with love kind of thing, baking for family and friends first; they eventually launched @between.bakes on Instagram and the rest is history. The sisters both taught full time between baking so thus the name Between Bakes was born.

Lindi & Hayley are so lucky to have many regular clients and of course the ultimate success story – being stocked at Kleinskys Deli. A dream come true. Kind of like having a Hollywood star in Sea Point.

They really do love what they bake, each item is tested and tasted and tested again. The sisters bake to order so everything is made from scratch. Lindi & Hayley just love cookies and baking and love to fill every box or bag with pure food joy and happiness.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your snack time or celebrating an occasion, Between Bakes has got you covered.

Available at Kleinsky’s Delicatessen in Sea Point or order directly with Between Bakes via Instagram DMs.

Always made with love!

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