Three Causes Worth Pledging for on Thundafund this June!

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Take a look at these three initiatives worth sowing into:

Reduce single-use plastics with Roots
You use it once and throw it away – and it ends up in the ocean. Most plastics can only be recycled up to ten times but it’s hard to find packaging alternative. Enter Roots – a zero waste  store in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. They sell food, toiletries and household products without disposable packaging. You decant their products into your own containers at the store and pay by weight. Purchase a Zero Waste reward with Thundafund to help them bring their dream of hosting educational workshops to spread awareness of reducing the amount of waste they create.

Roots Zero Waste Grocery Store from Janita Louw on Vimeo.

Buddha Bowl Meal rewards
Buddha Bowls are frozen, ready-made meals. The concept is specifically aimed at diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, and the lactose and gluten intolerant. They use only fresh natural free-from-harm ingredients sourced locally to support local farmers, producers, and small business owners. Purchasing a Buddha Bowl will feed an orphaned child who would benefit greatly from a warm, healthy meal. Purchase your reward on Thundafund.

Buddha Bowl from Kim on Vimeo.

Unleash the Best with the Untamed Brewing Company
The Untamed Brewing Company aims to create beers you haven’t tasted before – they currently have two variants out: The Painted Pale and African Amber Sky. They are also passionate about wildlife conservation and have created their own wildlife fund called Beers4Beasts. They’ve partnered with Painted Dog Conservation to donate money from every bottle of beer sold to wildlife conservation. Please fund their initiative by pledging on Thundafund so that they can continue making Beers4Beasts!

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