Tapas-Style Fine Dining Bistro Menu at Aubergine Restaurant

Excellence is the key.

Aubergine Restaurant serves timeless dishes, with Eastern and Western influences that take cognisance of seasonal flavours and local ingredients. The culinary team has always sourced fresh produce directly from farmers and trusted suppliers, ensuring the origin of the ingredients as well as the integrity with which they are produced.

Tapas Style gourmet dishes for only R100 each.

The dishes are similar in size with slight variations keeping the value and base ingredient in mind. Four dishes are recommended but you can choose as many as you wish.

This menu is available only if the entire table has the bistro menu to guaranty a good flow of service. The menu may also change with the seasons and the ingredients that are available.

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Directions to Aubergine Restaurant
39 Barnet street
Cape Town
021 465 4909

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