Swabian Supper Experience with Supper Lounge

This is the first of many Mother’s Kitchen Events with Supper Lounge South Africa. On these days traditional home-made cuisine is celebrated and honoured using recipes passed down from family and friends. Every new Mother’s Kitchen Supper will be prepared by another chef – professional, amateur or home chef: It’s for anyone who would like to bring back the memories and share those with others.

The first Mother’s Kitchen Supper will be held on the 23rd of August and is prepared by Katrin. She grew up in the South of Germany – a province called Swabia. The Swabians are well known for their quirkiness and for their wide selection of tasty food dishes such as Spätzle or Maultaschen. Book your seat now!

Supper Lounge Cape Town

The Menu


Flädle Supp

Clear soup with chives infused pancake roll


Lensa ond Spätzle mit Soitawürschd

Home made egg noodles with lentil sauce & German sausages



Something very sweet and yummy, trust me 😉

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