Soul Barrel Taproom

At Soul Barrel, we believe beer is the greatest beverage in the world. Savoring a world-class brew can be a life changing experience. Our brewery exists to contribute to those epic moments by brewing artisanal, innovative beer and helping make South African beer culture equal to any in the world.

Established when founder Nick Smith migrated from the Soul City of New Orleans to the Mother City of Cape Town, Soul Barrel was founded on the belief that real beer is made with soul. We are passionate about hoppy ales, old world fermentations and local ingredients that express flavors of the Cape. Our beer is characterized by an uncompromising commitment to quality and is a reflection of the time, place and personality of the people who brew it. Soul Barrel Brewing is located in the heart of the Cape Winelands outside of Cape Town, built within the old tank walls of the former Drakenstein Winery.

Come share in our passion for brewing and celebrate beer made with Soul!

Brewery Principles at Soul Barrel

We believe quality is a never-ending journey pursued with intense focus and dedication. At the end of the day, excellence in beer quality is the only thing that matters to our company. Every day we work to enhance the quality of our beer through the continuous improvement of our process, ingredients and knowledge. We are passionate about holding our brewery to the highest standards and to continuously improve our beer’s freshness and flavour in order to offer our customers the best possible beer in South Africa.

We believe craft beer is about exploring new ideas, thinking creatively, and offering drinkers new beer experiences by letting our imagination lead us. We don’t believe in self-inflicted censorship and therefore don’t brew to style or follow the Reinheitsgebot. Our brewing focuses on flavour instead, more closely following American and Belgian brewing traditions.

Beer Culture
We believe that craft beer is about brewing with passion and contributing to the beer community. We celebrate beer culture through collaboration, education and the spreading of sheer joy that comes from brewing outstanding beer and sharing it with our customers.

No shortcuts, do the right thing. We aim to be a business role model and brew honest beer with purpose.

We dream of creating value and leaving everything that we’ve been given better than we received it; whether our planet and natural resources or the people and community that have invested in us.

Wed: 3 – 7pm | Thur: 3 – 7pm | Fri: 3 – 7pm | Sat: 12 – 6pm | Sun 12 – 6pm


We offer an intimate tour and guided tasting of our cellar and brewery by our head brewer, getting an in depth experience of who we are and what our brewery is all about.

R95 for the tour and 4 half pours.

The cellar doors are hosted every Wed: 2pm | Thur: 2pm | Fri: 2pm | Sat: 11 & 3pm | Sun 11 & 3pm! 

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Directions to Soul Barrel Taproom
083 600 8716

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