SETA Courtyard at Villa 47

A sophisticated fusion cocktail lounge in the courtyard at Villa 47 which embraces the Italian sensibilities of apperetivo entertaining, and interweaving it with Asian influences.

Meaning ‘silk’ in Italian, SETA pays homage to the time when Marco Polo during his 13th century travels brought back noodles from the East, and which was then later christened as ‘pasta’ by the Italians, and subsequently creating what is known today as the ‘Silk Route.

Sophisticated and bold, SETA is also our events venue, from everything to DJ evenings, pairings and tastings, as well as First Thursdays.

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Directions to Villa 47
47 Bree Street
Cape Town
021 418 2740

2-for-1 Breakfast Special at Villa 47

Locanda at Villa 47