3 Course Lunch Special at The Kitchen at Maison

Restaurant Week is back!

It’s the time of the year, where fine dining restaurants across the country will offer their menu at reduced prices either for lunch or dinner. Seats have to be pre-booked in advance through the Restaurant Week online portal.

You can use our VIP code to gain access: FOODBLOGVIP17

The Kitchen at Maison

Surrounded by vineyards and gardens, The Kitchen at Maison is uncluttered, elegant and a vibrant space filled with earth tones. This “Good Living” philosophy is an appreciation of the simple things in life, bringing them into ones everyday living and enabling us to celebrate time and nature.

Experience a dozen different taste sensations that will surprise and delight your palate. Each dish has been stripped down to its essence, using new cooking techniques that ensure flavours enhance their counterparts without upstaging them. Fewer ingredients mean they have to be the best. Which means they have to be fresh.

How to book?

This year, The Kitchen at Maison will be part of Restaurant Week (2o  April- 30 April) again offering a 3 course lunch menu for only R400 per person. Book your seats now using FOODBLOGVIP17.

Restaurant Week Menu at Maison



Perlemoen, litchi, bottarga, yolk
Paw paw, villi, tentackles ink, sorrel
Tjokka, klipkombers, sealettuce, springonion, cream
Raw beef, mustard leaf, smoked cheddar, shiraz
Salt cob, pea, lemon grass, green tomato, tomatillo
Semidried tomato, fromage blanc, button mushroom
Octopus, sorrel, black garlic, passion fruit
Chicken, romesco, brussels
Line fish, prune, mustard, dukkha
Lamb breast, salsa verde, olive
Smoked trout, green plum, gooseberry, pink pepper
Suckling pig, fig, peas, jus
Heirloom tomato, swordfish, kale, parsley, pumpkin seeds
Venison pastrami, gherkin, cucumber, rye
Kohlrabi, curry, spinach, macadamia, ricotta
Miso aubergine, Imam bayildi, daikon, sesame
Camembert, hanepoot, rhubarb, Sancho
Onion, potato, trout roe, chives


Blackberry, raspberry, gooseberry, granola, honey
Brioche, crème anglaise, boysenberries, beurre noisette
Peppermint, coconut, caramel, chocolate
Dark choc, passionfruit, cocoa nibs, almond
Hazelnut, chocolate, coffee, marshmallow

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