Meet New People over Food this Weekend at Makers Landing

We’ve all felt the isolating effect of the past two years there’s been a craving for human connection in a fun and safe environment.

ENTER : Must Love X Series. Learn. Make Eat. Share, One plate at a time.

It’s a collaboration between Makers Landing and Cloud Events purposed to attract people who are looking to meet new people, and connect them through their mutual love of food and drink.

They believe that people are happier when they have human connections and this doesn’t only mean being in a romantic relationship. It means having people in your life with similar interests that you can meet for a coffee or a delicious meal or just send a text to say “Hi” 😁.

This collaboration is how we are Connecting Through the Love of Food this February at Makers Landing whether you’re a lover of Beer or Koesisters and Coffee, Indian cuisine or Braaing. The possibilities are endless!

The series will be running every Weekend at Makers from 19 February to 27 February there’s something for everyone.

Let’s meet, make memories and share in the joy of human connection and food together #OnePlateAtATime.

Food Meet Up Options:

  • Indian
  • Gin
  • Craft Beer
  • Brunch
  • Baking
  • Travelling
  • Sweet Treats
  • Koesisters

All the tastings include a welcome drink, tasting and special gift. Tickets are available online and include welcome drink/taster and a surprise gift! 

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