Our favourite Products from Karoo Ostrich!

Lean and rich in nutrients, Ostrich meat is the way to go!

Karoo Ostrich is the leader of the ostrich meat industry. They have been innovating and promoting quality products for the past 25 years. Their aim is to make this delicious meat available to everyone through their convenient home delivery and user-friendly website.

Free shipping is available for all orders over R1500.

Our favourite Products from Karoo Ostrich!

Ostrich Carpaccio

  • Starting at only R80. Try a fresh and unique way of enjoying Ostrich meat. It is available in 80g, 10x80g or 30x80g packs.

Ostrich Cheese Grillers

  • Ostrich Cheese Grillers are a healthier and more delicious take on the traditional sausages. Perfect for hotdogs and kids lunch boxes. These are available at R70 for 500g.

Ostrich Gourmet Patties

  • The delicious Gourmet Ostrich Patties are made with pure Ostrich Steak Meat. They add a touch of seasoning to give their Patties an extra kick. These patties make for tasty burgers, especially when served a little pink and rested.

Ostrich Russians

  • Ostrich Russians is a healthier and more delicious take on those traditional Russian Sausages. Perfect for hotdogs and lunch boxes. Available at R70 for 500g.

Ostrich Wors

  • Fresh Ostrich Boerewors is made with 100% Pure Ground Ostrich Steak Mince. The perfect compliment to any braai or family dinner. The sausages are cut thick and juicy. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in preparing the Boerewors.

Ostrich Kebabs

  • Juicy Marinated Ostrich Kebabs are made with pure Ostrich Meat. These kebabs are rich in flavour with ingredients like Worcestershire, soy sauce and bright red wine vinegar.

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