On FoodBlogJHB, we want to introduce our readers to the huge variety of restaurants in Johannesburg – unique experiences; different cuisines, different places to fall in love! Having started in 2009 with only a few hundred readers a month, the community has now grown to over 266,000 members on various social media platforms and the www.food-blog.co.za website generating more than 150,000 page views ever single month. Communities are set up for Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Lowveld and the Garden Route.

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We love hearing from our readers. Please let us know about hidden gems in your city that we should try and feature. If you represent a brand or restaurant, please find more information about our marketing support for restaurants or brand media packages by following the links.


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  2. Hello. I would like to know how come you do not have any new competitions. All of the current ones on your website has expired.

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    How about making it easier for people who are not on FaceBook/Instagram to also enter a competition eg. Bavaria competition.

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