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  • Rocking the meatless burger – 5 ways to change it up with Future Farm!

    Five recipe suggestions with a difference to serve your Future Farm plant-based burger Variety is life. Once you discover the plant-based Future burger, with its juicy bite and texture that you’d swear was just like meat, it’s easy to just put it together with your favourite classic burger toppings and leave it at that. Why […] More

  • Oxbow Country Estate is Open for Breakfast & Lunch every Sunday

    Come and dine on the water. Romance, natural beauty and chic country style, that’s Oxbow Country Estate – enjoy a pedalo boat ride or a walk through the lush gardens. The best place to host a special event, the Oxbow Country Estate is now inviting you to make your Sundays special too. Enjoy the Oxbow […] More

  • Vegan Starter Kit by The Harvest Table

    Viva la Vegan. The Harvest Table online store makes it easy to live a healthy lifestyle with a range of natural supplements and boosters. Plant-based diets have been linked to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer so why not make a change with the start of the new year? Including a […] More

  • Our favourite Products from Karoo Ostrich!

    Lean and rich in nutrients, Ostrich meat is the way to go! Karoo Ostrich is the leader of the ostrich meat industry. They have been innovating and promoting quality products for the past 25 years. Their aim is to make this delicious meat available to everyone through their convenient home delivery and user-friendly website. Free […] More

  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Old Town Italy

    Experience a New Year’s Eve at Old Town Italy Say goodbye to 2021 at Old Town Italy with an incredible Set Menu & live entertainment to celebrate the start of a new year MENU: CICCHETTI  Selection of Cheese and Cured Meats,  Bruschetta di Pomodoro and Marinated Bell Peppers  Old Town Italy Rosé Wine OR Sparkling […] More

  • Cocktail Specials perfect for Summer with Mozambik

    It’s the perfect time for ice-cold cocktails! Mozambik always offers the best vibes during the summer months with incredible specials. Their food menu reminds us of a beach holiday with plenty of fresh and delicious seafood & steaks. This time they have released a brand-new cocktail lineup that will keep you refreshed and energised to […] More

  • New Year’s Eve Dinners in Johannesburg 2021/2022

    It’s the time to celebrate a New Year! Celebrate the New Year in style at these fine restaurants. Several dinner options will be available (at some point) while most venues will also offer live music & a welcome drink on arrival. Bubbly before mid-night is mostly mandatory! Wishing everyone a healthy, successful & happy 2022! […] More

  • 5 Ways to add some Spirit to the Festive Season this Year!

    Celebrity chef, radio and television personality, Jenny Morris – the Giggling Gourmet – and renowned Mmisology the Mixologist, believes the versatility of U.S. distilled spirits can shine during the holiday season, whether in seasonal cocktails or enhancing celebratory meals. At a virtual tasting and food pairing hosted this week by the Distilled Spirits Council of […] More

  • Johannesburg Christmas Dinners & Lunches 2021

    Christmas in Joburg is a time when friends and family come together to celebrate and connect over sumptuous meals and festive drinks. After a long year of hard work in 2021, it’s a time to relax and reflect, enjoying the company of those we love. That said, having the family together can also be a […] More

  • Watch: Nederburg brings you Local Cuisine like you’ve never seen!

    Take a pinch of Chef’s Table, add a dash of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, then a large helping of Mzansi magic, and you have the quintessential ingredients for a show like no other.  I’ll Bring The Wine, Nederburg’s innovative new five-part YouTube series gets right under the skin and down to the bone of traditional […] More

  • AquaSky: The Benefits of ditching single-use Plastic Water Bottles

    This year’s Ocean Innovation Africa (OIA) emphasised the dire need to protect our oceans. At the rate we’re going, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. The consequences of our plastic consumption could mean the end of all of us. To say South Africa […] More

  • Double Up on Summer Celebration with Castle Double Malt

    SAB continues to smash boundaries and delight beer-lovers across the country with the launch of Africa’s first-ever double malt lager, Castle Double Malt, a golden taste sensation that is set to be another milestone in the brewer’s storied history. Enrobed in a sleek and attractive 410ml pearl, green, and gold can and a premium 340ml […] More