Escape The Conventionality Of Flowers and Opt For A Bouquet of Flavours

14 February is recognised internationally as the day on which love in all its forms is celebrated.

With a frenzy, lovers race to purchase boutiques of roses to gain more affection from their partner, however many a dual is had at the point of purchase as each year roses are in short supply due to the high demand.

Hendrick’s Gin suggest an alternative bouquet; a bouquet of flavours.

The gin, much like love, is adoringly made in small batches, infused with two unique ingredients, Bulgarian Rose and English Cucumber. These two flavours are curiously delightful different, but unusually delectable together.

In addition, Hendrick’s Gin also includes 13 other botanicals, proving without a measure of a doubt that to make the perfect partnership, many different attributes must be considered and applied.

  • Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, forgo the mundane flower arrangement, and consider a gin that’s put the rose to a more delectable use.

We suggest this Hendrick’s Gin cocktail created by Arrows and Awe that celebrates the rose flavour and its very special relationship to Hendrick’s gin.

  1. 50ml Hendrick’s Gin
  2. 200ml Tonic
  3. Lime to garnish
  4. 1/2 Tsp Rose Water
  5. Sugar for the Rim.
  6. Ice

Use a lime to wet the surface you will add sugar to. Pour sugar onto a plate and dip glass into sugar. combine Tonic, Gin, and rose water over ice. Stir the cocktail until combined. Garnish with lime.


Written by Marvin

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