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  • Cape Town Gin: A Gentlemen’s Perfect Serve

    The much loved and award-winning Cape Town Classic Gin has partnered with Men’s Foundation this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to highlight prostate cancer, the leading cancer affecting all over the world. This is also the start of a long-term strategic partnership for both brand and organisation as Cape Town Gin continues to fulfil its socio-economic […] More

  • Win a Gin Hamper by ANGOSTURA® & Bombay Sapphire

    SPRING’S PERFECT PAIR WIN: What’s more delicious than an Angostura aromatic bitters, cranberry, and gin? With the sweet smell of Spring in the air, everyone is looking for the perfect cocktail to share with friends and family that’s easy to mix when entertaining at home. Pick up your bottle of Angostura aromatic bitters and Bombay […] More

  • It’s Bourbon Heritage Month! Discover the history of this native American spirit.

    September is officially America’s National Bourbon Heritage Month, celebrating the uniquely American history of the spirit. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), as part of its “Cheers! Spirits from the U.S.A” campaign; has been introducing South African adult spirits consumers to the diverse range of American spirits, including Bourbons, for several years […] More

  • Every Day is Rum Day with Angostura

    To many of our relief throats, and bottle stores, are once again allowed to be open this August. Just in time for this year’s National Rum Day! But why end the festivities after just one day? Celebrate at home every day during the month of August with these easy-to-make, low-effort rum cocktails. Rum Punch Ingredients: […] More

  • Rooibos on the Rocks with Cape Town Gin

    Serving the right tea during Women’s Month can be a tricky affair – so how about serving it with a twist? Adding award-winning Cape Town Gin to your drink will see you have the perfect cocktail for every occasion. So this Women’s Month get mixing with Cape Town Rooibos Red Gin. Rooibos Rocks Ingredients 50 […] More

  • A Sunset Cocktail with The Pink Lady Gin

    With it being Women’s Month, Cape Town Gin has come up with an easy way to treat the women in your life with a tasty cocktail recipe. Called the Sunset Sensation, it’s most definitely one for those sunny Sunday afternoons filled with smooth jazz and cheeky seafood canapes. Sunset Sensation Ingredients 25 ml Cape Town […] More

  • A delicious Winter Pairing with Symmetry Spice Tonic!

    A toast to our country and our common values: unity in diversity. With winter and lockdown in full effect, we would like to share a fun, rainbow-dusted recipe to pair with Symmetry Spice tonic essence: A Cape Malay Vegan Curry Potjie. The naturally produced concentrated African tonics capture the very essence of Cape botanical heritage. […] More

  • Raise your Glass with a ANGOSTURA Daquiri

    It’s National Daquiri Day on 19 July and legend has it that this classic cocktail was invented by Jennings Cox, an American engineer living and working in Cuba during the late 1800s. With this in mind, what better way to celebrate the day than with this easy daquiri mocktail recipe using ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters, it […] More

  • Mocktails to enjoy during Lockdown by ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters

    As we go through what feels like our millionth lockdown, let’s take this opportunity to enjoy home-made mocktails featuring ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters, it changes everything. Here are three mocktails to enjoy in the comfort of your home this winter. ORANGE BLOSSOM MOCKTAIL Glass: Highball Ingredients: ½ cup orange tangerine juice ½ cup sparking apple juice […] More

  • Make the perfect Cocktail for Mom this Mother’s Day with Triple Three Gin

    The perfect Mother’s Day Gift! Cocktail Culture is offering cocktail boxes comprising of premium quality spirits and other quality ingredients needed to prepare your favourite drinks. House-made syrups, bottled tonics or mixers and fresh produce (where possible), a recipe card with easy-to-follow instructions, and all other information you need to create delicious cocktails right at home! With Mother’s […] More

  • Be the protagonist. Be the villain with Monkey Shoulder.

    Protagonist. A big word for the cool dude in a movie or book that leads the pack. It’s what we got called by Drinks international when they said, “Monkey Shoulder is that protagonist for the blended malt sub-category. If ever there was a scotch designed for bartenders it is this – smooth and packing bang […] More

  • We’re all a little bit Irish, and that makes us all so much better.

    17 March is St Patrick’s Day. Thankfully it happens every year and lasts the whole day. It’s a day where we all celebrate being a little bit Irish – be it in blood or in spirit. The fact that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around the world is just one way in which we […] More