Interviewing Nathalie from Emozione

We’ve been introducing Emozione over the past few months highlighting their products in the process.

The brand is bringing exceptional Italian espresso pods from Italian artisan roasters to all coffee and espresso lovers in South Africa. Superb and authentic Italian coffee made in the most convenient way possible can now be ordered online and delivered straight to your home. All kind of blends and roasts are available to ensure that you can enjoy a perfect taste experience.


We’ve sat down with Nathalie, the owner, to find out more about her journey and slight coffee addiction.

How do you remember your first coffee experience?

Oh, that’s long time ago , back when I was a kid… it was a mocha from my mother’s little mocha brewer, that little bialetti pot you put on the stove. It was very bitter but with lots of milk and sugar it was okay!

How did your view on coffee change over the years?

It didn’t, actually!

I love all kind of different brewing methods especially when I travel – I love to try new things , blends and flavours of coffee from different cultures But Italian coffee will always have a special place in my heart  !

What is the current state of coffee culture in South Africa?

It has become a big market and vibe in SA. Great experience with different roasts and blends especially that we have so many micro roasters here in Cape Town – which is exciting! Of course the single serve coffee market is huge in Cape Town. There are lots and lots of capsule systems everywhere. Some are good … some really not …and more and more different single serve systems. Most of them , unfortunately are not decomposable, which should be a standard, nowadays…or not?

How does Emozione fit in this?

We distribute  actually the first single serve coffee system available, back from 1989 called ESE ( Easy Serving Espresso) invented by Illy. It was there ,before Nespresso invented the coffee capsule. For me, as a nature lover, it was always clear to have something more environmentally friendly than plastic or aluminium and the ESE pod market in the Mediterranean countries is quite big – its only coffee ground and paper. It’s 100% biodegradable! The ESE standard is an international standard and you can buy pods now all over the world.

How does Emozione distinguish itself in the market?

We love to simplify things … like the Italians do. Watch how they cook, with natural grown , freshly picked ingredients with everything being homemade. This is always the best recipe for a delicious meal ! Why should we take plastic or aluminium, when you can pack it in a simple paper pod? Our Coffee machines are 100% made in Italy – good quality and reliable.

If you want me to describe our typical customer type – I would say – environmental conscious, modern but very fussy when it comes to taste and style and she/ he loves blend varieties and to be spoiled with choice. Of course she/he’s an coffee addict … like me!

What’s your favourite coffee blend?

This is difficult to answer. It depends on the time of the day and the mood. I only drink one cappuccino in the morning; otherwise  black coffee and espressi – no sugar.

My favourite blend for a Lungo would be the Lucaffe Colombia (single origin) otherwise the Miscela D’oro Cremoso is a very nice Arabica and Robusta blend. The Fair-Trade and Organic NATURA from Miscela D’Oro is a delicious gold brown blend I always enjoy.

How can someone purchase your coffee?

You can buy online day and night via our online store and we also do demos for businesses. There is a monthly coffee delivery program with free machines available as well.

What are the costs involved for your standard offering?

Coffee machines starts at R2999 for the classic machine. There are machines with inbuilt steamers and we have induction milk frothers available starting at R1799

Pods starts at R4.30. Delivery for purchases over R400 is free of charge

Do you have any new products launching soon?

Yes , we have a new green coffee available ( Cafe Verde ) which is half roasted coffee ground and the rest is from natural green coffee beans. Lots of antioxidants , vitamins and Omega3 and 9.We also have a Hazelnut flavoured coffee from Lucaffe on stock. Both products will be available on our online shop soon .

We’re also launching a new (and different) pod machine in a month time. Watch this space…

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