Wishing Charles Tanqueray a Happy Birthday!

Inventor. Entrepreneur. Gin extraordinaire. Meet Charles Tanqueray.

He is a mysterious player in the world of gin and its history. Nearly 200 years after he brought life to one of the most well-known gin brands, there is still much we do not know about this character.

Born on the 27th of March 1810, we celebrate his life today and look at his accomplishments.

Always passionate about making things, Charles invented many items over the course of his life. University was never on his radar; he rather sought to create and invent. Results of his experiments included polish for horse saddles as well as many medicines for injured animals.

As a successful entrepreneur, his attention soon focussed on the success of British gin distillers and he set out to create a gin that was above all others. In 1930, he started working for the Vine Street Distillery in Bloomsbury under the stewardship of one of the largest gin cooperation in London. Only 5 years later he took over the very same distillery. He never wanted to accept the status quo but continued to test various botanicals. A curious mind led to gins like no other. Many recipes were developed but it was his “London Dry” that soon became unforgettable. Within ten years, Tanqueray was not only enjoyed in the UK, but exported to colonies in the Caribbean and beyond.

After Charles Tanqueray’s death, the company was in the good hands of his son who had a keen eye for business. With his vision, Tanqueray expanded globally with incredible success and the rest is history.

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