Try a Master Piece: The Boma Burger!

Introducing the Boma Burger, a culinary masterpiece crafted by Chef Vusi and Andrew Nel of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants. 

This extraordinary creation embodies the essence of Boma on Bree’s commitment to excellence in every bite.

The dynamic duo dons their metaphorical lab coats to meticulously curate the ultimate Boma Burger patty, skillfully incorporating the smoky and incredible meat ethos that defines their culinary philosophy. 

  • At Boma on Bree, every dish is a canvas for gastronomic artistry, and the Boma Burger is no exception. Chef Vusi and Andrew’s dedication to perfection is evident in the delicate char on the burger patty, elevating this classic comfort food to new heights. The secret lies in the thoughtful combination of flavors and the distinctive touch of their custom-built wood-burning grill, ensuring a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 👌

For those who appreciate the fusion of creativity and quality, the Boma Burger is a must-try. 

 107 Bree Street, Cape Town, South Africa
 021 109 0039

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