Try the new Balducci Vegan Menu

Balducci is super excited to introduce their New Vegan Menu!

The menu has been in the making for a while now, with the team at Balducci crafting up a number of dishes that deliver on taste, texture and interest.

They have not merely added one or two new vegan items to their menu, instead they have created a substantial menu that gives vegans a range of options including pizza, pasta, creative mains, salads, sushi, dessert and more. The menu is quite remarkable; you can see the time and thought put into making it something that vegans and non vegans can get excited about.

Balducci aims to be sustainable in multiple ways from the produce they use to their recycling initiatives. Their aim for the Vegan Counter is to create dishes that are pure, wholesome, nutrient rich and eco friendly.

Join Balducci and give their new Vegan Menu a try! With the care put into making this menu a reality you’re sure to have an incredibly tasty, earth-friendly meal.

Take a look at their menu HERE.

Call 021 421 6010 to book!

Directions to Balducci’s
Shop 6162 Lower Level
V&A Waterfront
Tel: 021 421 6010


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