The Botany Café at The President Hotel

The most recent delight the President Hotel is now providing is the newly renovated deli. The Botany Café is a burst of freshness and innovation in the deli scene, and is becoming increasingly popular not only with guests, but with growing numbers of Capetonians who are quickly discovering its culinary pleasures.

The focus is on all things fresh out the garden and farm: organic, artisanal, seasonal and bursting with flavour. The menu is a delight to explore, brimming with enticing options that range from light and healthy to hearty and filling. There is a fantasy of mouth-watering wraps, constantly varied salads that rock with the season and juices that positively sparkle with newly-squeezed flavour. And the coffee lover will think he has arrived in the preliminary stages of Paradise! The warm roasted aroma fills the atmosphere with that sense of well-being and satisfaction that only select blends of coffee can provide.

Armed with a choice of these tantalising dishes, guests can stroll out to the terrace overlooking the infinity pool and the limitless reaches of the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy a variation of drinks from their newly launched cocktail menu, or relax inside and savour the experience.

The Botany Café is not the only menu from which guests can make their selections. There is also a new terrace menu, a revamped à la carte menu and of course, the upgraded room service menu. The hotel has also changed the buffet menus to add spice and variety to the dishes.

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Directions to The President Hotel
4 Alexander Road
Bantry Bay
021 434 8111

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