Sensory journey of Flavours and Scents at The Table Bay Hotel

“Innovatively executed scents intuitively chosen to complement the flavours and aromas of the food make our Sensory Dinners an encompassing experience,” says Chef Jocelyn Myers Adams.

Without wanting to give too much away, she hints at the seasonal scent of lemon and dried orange peel, the aroma of burnt coffee and the warmness of cumin and coriander.

Of course, the scents and fragrances are carefully selected to enhance the flavour of the food. But, it is also much about how these are delivered for an explosive effect.

The current menu has a decidedly autumn feel with the richness and warmness of black truffle, duck and sweet potato mousse in the cast of dishes. A reflection of Myers-Adam’s focus on locally sourced products and indigenous flavours, foraged num nums are used in a coulis to add an authentic Western Cape twist to the third course comprising crisp duck breast, sweet potato mousse, flash fried cabbage and orange powder.

The use of varying textures throughout the menu is evident too in the dessert course; a decadent Belgium chocolate ganache, with granadilla gel, orange blossom flower syrup, peach meringue, roasted hazelnuts and honey comb.

The Sensory Dinner experience is available in The Table Bay’s Camissa Brasserie. Taking its name from the Khoisan word for Cape Town, “The Place of Sweet Waters”, Camissa Brasserie at the prestigious Table Bay offers a contemporary and relaxed style of dining. Diverse and delicious, Camissa’s is always evolving to encourage the exploration of locally-inspired dishes, and homegrown flavours.

The Sensory Dinners at Camissa Brasserie can be booked as intimate experiences for two or for small groups at R650 per head. Wine pairing can also be requested at an additional cost.

P.S.: 72 hour notice is required.

Directions to The Table Bay Hotel
6, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Breakwater Boulevard
Cape Town

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