Sunday Seafood Braai at Black Marlin

Looking for a delectable dining experience that’s sure to satisfy your seafood cravings?

Look no further than Black Marlin Restaurant! Today, they’re inviting you to enjoy a mouthwatering Fish Braai that promises to delight your taste buds.

This special event offers two irresistible options to choose from: a tantalizing two-course meal for R250 or a lavish three-course feast for R275.

  • The menu boasts an array of tempting dishes, including seafood chowder, West Coast mussels, braai fish, and malva pudding. Each dish is expertly crafted to showcase the finest flavors of the ocean, ensuring a dining experience that’s nothing short of exceptional.

So, why not join Black Marlin Restaurant today and immerse yourself in the ultimate seafood indulgence? With a promise of good vibes and delicious cuisine, it’s the perfect opportunity to reel in the joy of great food and great company.

Click here to book your table now!

Directions to Black Marlin
Millers Point
Simon’s Town
021 786 1621

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