New Magnum Pints invites you to “make an Appointment” with Pleasure

Luxury ice-cream brand, Magnum has introduced an exciting addition to their product range which is set to take “me-time” to another level this summer.

The all new Magnum pints are every pleasure seekers dream come true, with their classic ice cream flavours and the cracking chocolate shells that are #MadeToBeBroken for your pleasure.

Popularly known for their decadent chocolate covered ice-cream bars, Magnum has taken their iconic concept to formulate an even more iconic creation that combines the crunch of their delectable Belgian chocolate that lines every inch of the pint to create a shell which contains the creaminess of their vanilla ice-cream to produce the most indulgent chocolate and ice cream experience. The pints also have chocolate pieces inside for additional texture, luxury and deliciousness.

Says Daniella Khaled, Marketing Manager for New Business Models at Unilever:

Magnum with its new pint is inviting ‘Pleasure Seekers’ to embrace and celebrate precious pauses. Enjoy your Magnum Pint as an indulgent ‘sofa moment’ by creating an “appointment with pleasure” at the end of a long day! Magnum Pints will make your nights-in even more pleasurable.

Magnum Pints are available in three flavours including Almond, Classic and White. The Almond flavour is a combination of a smooth vanilla ice cream, chocolate and almond pieces encased in chocolate. The Classic flavour is the Magnum we all know and love but with the addition of encased chocolate pieces. Finally, the White flavour is made up of vanilla ice cream and white chocolate pieces encased in a white chocolate shell.

Adds Ben Iwisi, Ola Ice Cream Marketing Manager:

We know that our Magnum ‘Pleasure Seekers’ will enjoy the new Magnum because it embraces what they know and love about Magnum already – it’s the amazing cracking chocolate! All this available in our three favourite flavours – Almond, Classic and White. Our Pints range is in an even more indulgent format that will extend the pleasure – seeking moment when the stick is just not enough!

It takes a meticulous process to create the all new Magnum Pints, a process full of incredible care and attention which is why breaking into one should always be an occasion. Elevate how you define pleasure with these three easy steps: Open your Magnum Pint, wait for ten minutes, crack and enjoy!

Magnum Pints are now available at retailers such as Spar, Checkers, Pick and Pay and Forecourts.

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