25% Off Friday Cocktails at Protea Hotel Balalaika

The Protea Hotel Balalaika has unveiled an irresistible promotion throughout November.

With a generous 25% off, all guests can savor the excellence of signature and classic cocktails.

This exclusive offer is available at select locations at the hotel: The Terrace, The Bull Run, Destination Bar, and Lords Bar.

  • This promotion provides the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to experience their exceptional blends at a fraction of the cost. Whether seeking a sophisticated spot at The Terrace, the vibrant ambience of The Bull Run, the allure of Destination Bar, or the timeless charm of Lords Bar, patrons can revel in this limited-time offer at any of these esteemed venues.

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 Maude Street Sandown, Sandton, South Africa
 011 322 5000

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