Ice-Cream & Wine Pairing at Clos Malverne

As the slogan states, “The Food & Wine Experience“, Clos Malverne is all about exciting food and wine combinations. Living up to this notion, the wine estate were the first in Stellenbosch offering a unique tasting experience in the form of a “Ice cream & Wine Pairing”.

It has since become one of their signature pairings with seasonal, hand-made delicacies on show. Currently, the excellent Clos Malverne wines are paired with four exotic ice-cream flavours:

  • Mix Berry with Pink Peppercorns – Sauvignon Blanc Brut

An explosion of berries – The fruitiness of this ice cream highlights the tropical
notes of the wine, with a refreshing ending coming from the smoky pink
peppercorns cutting through the crispness of the Brut.

  • Milk Tart – Chardonnay

This is a heavenly combination that melts into a wonderful rich velvety mouth
feel with every sip and spoonful. The aromatics in this ice cream allows the
flavours of the wine to linger a little longer. This is a perfect pairing with our
wooded chardonnay.

  • Coffee and Chocolate – Pinotage Le Cafe

Death by chocolate and added coffee. The smoky undertones of the coffee in
this ice cream highlights the sweetness of the wine. Where the chocolate
compliments the roasted coffee bean and mocha flavours of the wine.

  • Apricot – Honeydew

This is a tantalizing tasting with upfront sweetness of the apricot. Fruity and
delicious this pairing highlights the tropical notes of the wine, while the velvety
texture of the ice cream goes hand in hand with the syrupy wine coat on the

Join Clos Malverne today to try this truly unique wine pairing for only R98!

Directions to Clos Malverne
Devon Valley Road
072 407 1936

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