New Pinotage & Ice-Cream Wine Pairing at Clos Malverne

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With summer just around the corner, Clos Malverne are celebrating the change in season with a brand new ice-cream and wine pairing focussed on their award-winning ranges of Pinotage blends perfect for the Pino enthusiast.

Peppermint choc chip with macadamia – paired with Devonet Merlot/Pinotage

Starting your taste experience on a decadent high, with every sip and spoonful. The chocolate highlights the rich fruit of the wine, while the creaminess of the ice cream and the peppermint nuances allow the flavours of the wine to linger a little longer.

Chocolate & coffee – paired with Pinotage Le Café coffee edition

Death by chocolate and added coffee. The smokiness of the coffee in this ice cream highlights the sweetness of the wine. Where the chocolate compliments the roasted coffee bean and mocha flavours of the pinotage Le Cafe.

Berry and cookie crumble – paired with Pinotage Reserve

An explosion of berries – This ice cream accentuates the fruitiness of the pinotage; whilst the cookie crumbs highlights the smoky undertones and slight sweetness of the wine.

White chocolate and cherry – paired with the Auret

The estates popular cape blend and flagship wine Auret, a blend of merlot, cabernet/sauvignon and pinotage. A sublime combination that transcends into a wonderful velvety mouth feel.

The cherries in the ice cream brings out the red fruit undertones of this Pinotage blend, and the white chocolate exposes the complex , woodiness of our flagship wine.

P.S.: For those looking for a ice-cream and wine pairing with different types of wines other than pinotage, that is also available. 

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