Healthy & Delicious Marrow Broth for the entire Family!

Living healthy made easy!

Marrow specialises in making nutritious moorish broths, creating wholesome meals incorporate the broths. You too can cook like a chef with Marrow’s broths. They even have vegan options.

After being perturbed by the mainstream narrative of introducing solid food to her son, Marrow Broth Founder, Nadia delved deep to gain an understanding of our bodies, and gut health. Bone Broth resonated with her and intuitively felt like the perfect next step. Both her children lapped it up and loved it. Her sister-in-law Marelize was her role model for how she wanted to introduce her children to food. She and her brother had children 10 years before Nadia did, and the way their children engaged with food was all due to how Marelize went about relating them to it from their earliest days.

They bought Marrow as a family, and have become a larger family since. It meant extending what family meant and creating a unique sense of possibility- a connection between wellness, sustenance and connection. The team want give this joy of healthy, nutritious and wonderful food to people, and especially mothers. Who are run down, need a quick solution for eating themselves and then provide them with an alternate route to introducing solids to their babies.

Here are some of our favourite products from Marrow Broth.

  • Brown Broth Oxtail Stew: Oven-roasted Oxtail, garlic, ginger, leeks, carrots, celery, Marrow clear bone broth and Red bone broth.
  • Vegan White Bowl: Roasted eggplant, potato, turnip strips, mushrooms. Served with a 375ml jar of white broth made from vegetable broth, home made coconut milk, lemongrass and smoked miso.
  • Kimchi: Kimchi is made with cabbage (Chinese), turnips, garlic, chilli flakes, gochujang, apple cider vinegar, salt.
  • Cleansing Mung: Cleansing Mung bean soup is made with mung beans, hing, ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric, bay leaves, water, salt. Serve with lemon juice.
  • Fire Cider: Fire Cider ingredients : ginger, garlc, chilli, radish, apple cider vinegar

Follow the link below to see what’s on their take-away menu which will also be available for sit-down guests. We can highly recommend the yellow and green bowl. Both are incredibly delicious!!

Order online for delivery, pick up or enjoy a leisurely lunch at their secret courtyard.

Visit their website to start your health journey.

Directions to Marrow
Josephine’s Mill
13 Boundary Road

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