Del Mar Camps Bay Review

Del Mar Camps Bay in Cape Town is a Mexican restaurant with sea-side views, spicy food, and serious tequila.

Mexican foooood = my happy place. Add to this a beautiful sunset and some killer tequila and I am done.

We recently had a feast at Del Mar Camps Bay. This sneaky little spot is hidden in the shopping centre above Pick n Pay on Victoria Road, with a kick-ass view, can seat 80 people and has separate areas for private functions. Their food is more traditional than tex-mex, but they have a few modern twists on Mexican classics.

The small plates aka antojitos are relatively affordable, and sharing a few between friends is a great option, while the main dishes are on the expensive side.


Ceviche Tostada // 84

Seared tuna with a paprika salsa and avo. I love paprika, so the salsa was right up my alley. The tacos were also crisp and overall the dish was refreshing and light.

Taquito Polla // 89

Crisp fried tortillas, stuffed with shredded chipotle chicken in ranchero sauce, which is tomato based, with chilli, peppers and onion. It wasn’t hot at all, just mildly spicy, and the heat was softened further with a sprinkle of cheese. A really warm and hearty dish, tasted a lot like more.

Chilorio De Pato // 89

Health-conscious people, shut your eyes. Done? Ok… Damn do I love food cooked in loads and loads of fat. This dish featured confit duck (swooooooon) in a deeply flavoured red chilli sauce. It was spicy without a fiery kick, which I admit (and chilli is practically my middle name) allowed you to taste the nuanced sauce and the richness of the duck. This is a serious winner.


Popper Chile // 74

So these had come recommended so I ordered them by name and expected poppers, but actually (and the menu does state it, they’re actually jalapeno and cheese croquettes. So at the time I was SUPER disappointed, but since reading the menu again, I realised it was my mistake. They were lovely croquettes and terrible poppers 😉


Fajita de Pollo

Chipotle spiced and grilled strips of chicken, served with peppers, black beans, and a pile of soft tacos, and a trio of sauces – paprika tomato, spiced chilli sauce and a coriander chutney. A simple, build-your-own meal, hat let’s you get hands on with your food.

Camarones Con Rajas // 279

Ok, let’s start with accepting that this is pricey. If you can’t afford it, don’t choose it. For those who can, it’s really, really delicious. Grilled prawns and jalapenos cooked in a chilli, cream and garlic sauce, served with rice of your choice (we had green rice with even more chilli and garlic). The prawns were cooked to perfection, and I’d go out on a limb saying that it was fluffiest rice I’ve ever had.


Churros // 69

I didn’t want to eat anymore. I was full. I’d had enough. And then somehow my mouth took over my body and on its own accord began “I…would…laaikeeeee. sommeeee. churrrroossss pleaseee”. And then WHAM, churros with chocolate and caramel dipping sauces appeared before me, and I hate wasting so… Light. Crisp. Not too dense. Hands down, best I’ve ever had. The end.

Del Mar has great service, friendly and very knowledgable staff, and very delicious food. Sure, the prices aren’t for everyone, but there are options that will put a smile on your face without making you go bankrupt.

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