Cooking Made Easy with The Date Box

Easy, effortless meals, with pre-packaged ingredients, to make your life easy!

Date Box is a concept being offered by Jacdi Catering who will give you all the ingredients needed to put on a fantastic 3 course dinner right at home. No need to book a table at a fancy restaurant to celebrate the next big occasion, when there’s a Date Box to help you host the celebration right at home.

Each Date Box consists of 3 courses, each serving two people, and costing R495. Variety is the name of the game, with seven different meal boxes to choose from.

What Date Boxes are on Offer?

Option 1: Beef

  • Starter: Tantalizing Salmon Gravadlax
  • Mains: Beef fillet served with potato fondant and grilled mushrooms
  • Dessert: No-bake chocolate brownie

Option 2: Chicken

  • Starter: Beef carpaccio served with wild rocket and a balsamic dressing.
  • Main: Lemon and Herb chicken fillet served with creamed potato and seasonal vegetables
  • Dessert: Malva pudding

Option 3: Fish

  • Starter: Smoked chicken breast started served with an Asian coleslaw
  • Mains: Pan fried salmon served with a spring onion rosti, broccoli flowers and a lemon butter sauce
  • Dessert: Seasonal fruit salad served with an orange liqueur sabayon

Option 4: Cordon Bleu

  • Starter: Creamy Garlic Prawns served with freshly baked French Loaf
  • Main: Ham and mozzarella stuffed Chicken Breast “Cordon Bleu” accompanied by cheese sauce, mashed potato and blanched green vegetables.
  • Dessert: Chocolate Mousse topped with Chocolates and Nuts

Option 5: Vegan

  • Starter: Spicy chickpea balls cooked in a tomato sauce
  • Main course: Seasonal vegetable and noodle hot pot cooked in a coconut, ginger and chilli stock topped with pasta
  • Dessert: Fresh pears poached in simple syrup, served with granita

Option 6: Lamb

  • Starter: Mushroom risotto cooked in stock and cream topped with parmesan
  • Main Course: Grilled lemon and Thyme Lamb Cutlets served with minted cous-cous and roasted vegetables
  • Desserts : Rich chocolate mousse filed with chocolate nibs

Option 7: Hake

  • Starter: Roasted butternut and feta ravioli served with a pumpkin seed and garlic butter
  • Main Course: Grilled hake served with parmesan mash, blanched broccoli, and lemon cream
  • Dessert: Raspberry cheesecake

Option 4: Cordon Bleu Date Box Review

A few weeks ago, we got to try one of the date boxes ourselves and went with the prawn starter, cordon bleu main and chocolate mousse dessert.

All ingredients arrived neatly pre-packaged in one big box marked with labels (starter, main, dessert) so you know which ingredients have to be used at what stage. A letter with simple to follow instructions was also included showing cooking times for each dish.

After placing all ingredients into three separate sections of the kitchen, following the steps is really simple. You don’t have to have any advanced cooking skills or high-tech equipment in your kitchen to prepare what’s in the box. For the Cordon Bleue Date Box, the chicken was already prepared with ham & cheese, while the chocolate mousse came as a ready-made pre-mix so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

After about 45 minutes of cooking, all three dishes were done and ready to be served. If you are skilled in the kitchen and good at multi-tasking, I’m sure you will get dinner to the table even quicker. All three courses were delicious; I couldn’t tell you which I enjoyed more. I love prawns, cordon bleu has always been my favourite and who can say no to a chocolate mousse. I’m by no means a master chef, but cooking with quality ingredients makes your life so much easier (and fun) when cooking. And you will enjoy the end result that much more.

At a price-point of R495 for six dishes including delivery, it’s really good value for money in my opinion. All the ingredients come pre-portioned with nothing going to waste. If you were to go to a fancier restaurant on date night, you’d be paying the same if not a lot more when you include a bottle of wine at a 300% mark-up and taking into account the waiters tip. If you love cooking (or want to learn), then this is a really great way while impressing your significant other.

Order your date box for any occasion call 021 510 2239 or email They are available for R495 each serving two people.



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