Celebrate World Whisky Day with Unframed Ice Cream

What do you get when you combine creamy ice cream with even smoother whisky?

Unframed Ice Cream aims to put the ‘art’ back in artisanal. They reframe your concept of the childhood treat by bringing a new host of flavours, textures and vegan options too.

In celebration of World Whiskey Day on 18 May, Unframed is teaming up with Auchentoshan Whisky, offering a modern twist on a traditional single malt, to showcase the limited edition whiskey ice cream they created.

What a way to celebrate!

You can expect Unframed’s usual velvety texture and sweet notes of vanilla and caramelized sugar, with the whisky’s famous spiciness. Choose from an array of health-inspired toppings to finish off – after all, it’s about balance, right?

You will find this amazing ice cream at all three of Unframed’s stores – V&A Waterfront, Kloof street and Woodstock.

Bring your friends! See you there, Cape Town!

Directions to Unframed

45C Kloof street

Cape Town

063 601 0287

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