Bootlegger announces home-brewed Digital Loyalty App

Bootlegger Coffee Company, the trendy Capetonian boutique coffee bar and restaurant brand, has announced the launch of a brand new digital loyalty app designed by Cape Town-based SWARM Loyalty to replace its paper-based loyalty stamp cards and create more opportunities for direct communications with its regular customers.

Marketing manager Cara Attewell says Bootlegger customers have always had access to paper-based loyalty stamps, but the time had come to do away with the old and usher in a better, more interactive loyalty system.

As part of a broader environmental ethic that includes ethical farming and reusable supplies, we are looking at different areas to lessen our environmental impact, use fewer trees, and therefore move away from paper-based systems.

Like anything paper-based, our stamp cards were prone to getting themselves lost, had to be regularly reprinted and restocked, and used up an unnecessary amount of paper, so we sought out the best option to replace them with a digital alternative. – says Attewell.

The Bootlegger loyalty app was initially designed as a direct replacement for the company’s loyalty stamp cards, so customers can click and collect their stamps on the app as they would with a physical card. However, the potential of the app – powered by SWARM’s point-of-sale-integrated platform – gives it the potential to play an increasingly important role in Bootlegger’s marketing, and give customers new ways to earn exclusive benefits for their repeat custom.

Bootlegger loyalty app - Image 2-horz

The app will also give Bootlegger an opportunity to gather more granular information about its customers – entirely at each customer’s discretion – which in turn would open the door to more direct and relevant communication and offers via the app.

We always had in mind an application that could support and enhance that concept by giving the company new ways to interact with and engage its customers. For Bootlegger this means going beyond regular loyalty stamps and, down the line, offering customers surprising offers, and also integrating the app as a sounding board for the company’s eclectic events and promotions around town. This is made possible by the flexible framework of the loyalty app that allows Bootlegger to add the functionality it needs as and when required, without having to recompile and redesign the app in any way. –  says SWARM MD Rowan Vlaming.

The app will provide the restaurant with vital market research to get to know their customers better, and will greatly simplify back-end processes to make admin much easier. Customers, in turn, get rewarded for the time they spend at a restaurant, and the app is a much more convenient way to make that happen for them.

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