4-in-1 Pizzas at Morituri – The Review

If you drive around Claremont a lot, you may have noticed Guiseppe & Giovanni, the resident waiters at Morituri. Come rain, hail or the fiercest of heat, they stand in front of this homey Italian restaurant – ready to welcome each and every guest with a smile.


Having been around for more than twenty years, the restaurant is famous for their thin base pizzas made in a wood-fire oven. There are nearly 40 pizzas to choose from plus fresh salads, moreish pastas, hearty steaks and seafood.

Entering the restaurant, you’re welcomed by an open and inviting space. It was mid-week winter’s night and the restaurant was quite busy, which is always a good sign. Regulars catch up while the manager greets every table, and ensures that the service and food is perfect.

I was HUNGRY. And by hungry, I mean I was NOT playing games. Almost all the pizzas tickled my fancy, so it was a difficult choice until I spotted… The 4-in-1 section!  Four pizzas, which range from R105 – R125, are divided into quarters so you can get some of everything.

We settled on the Roma (R110) and the Venezia (R125) and I’m going to comment of my favourite bits.


If a pizza is named after the restaurant it has to be good, no, great. And this was amazing. Spicy chicken, smoky bacon, the creaminess of feta, and freshness of red pepper and avo gives you simple, but perfectly balanced deliciousness.


I love blue cheese and bacon is an all-time favourite in any situation and on a pizza… damn, this was seriously amazing. Throw in some avo and the sweet, caramalised onions and this pizza is a creamy dream.


The thin, crispy base of this Italian staple is overflowing with bacon, spinach, feta & avo. The earthiness of the spinach made this quarter stand out from it’s quite similar neighbours.

The Don

When I see Italian ham on a menu, there isn’t much that can stop me from ordering it. It’s my absolute weakness. Add this to my obsession with pizza and I’m pretty much done. Prosciutto, fresh tomato, rocket, avo and a hit of fresh chilli, do yourself a favour and make sure this is on your plate.

If you love a great, home-style pizza, then Morituri is definitely a place to check out. The 4-in-1 pizzas are a great way to find your favourite of the extensive menu without suffering from too much fomo. They are also pretty well priced and the service is exactly what you’re looking for – attentive without being needy. I can see why Morituri has been around for such a long time.

Next time I visit Guiseppe & Giovanni, I plan on giving the pastas and seafood a go… Oh, and The Don, because hey, I can’t say no.

P.S.: Every month you’ll find new pizzas on the black board at the entrance.

Directions to Morituri Pizzeria
214 Main Road
021 683 6671

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