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The team at Caught Online sets out to bring all customers a seafood experience that they know isn’t available at your local retailer. They carefully select and taste test every product that they sell and strive to deliver only the very best of what’s available locally and abroad.

Make sure to catch these latest specials from Caught Online!

Large wild caught argentinian prawns 750g – R165

  • The Argentinian Red prawns are sea frozen to trap in all the nutritional value, moisture and taste ensuring maximum freshness. Not glazed, like most others in the market, with the net weight reflecting the true weight of the prawns.

Norwegian salmon tail portions 200g – R75

  • Caught Online only delivers superior grade, Atlantic Salmon, known as Norwegian Salmon, flown in fresh from Scandinavia before being delivered straight to your door. These portions are deboned and skin on and delicately delicious.

5 canadian soles 150-180g – R185

  • The Canadian soles from Caught Online are one of the best eating flounders species in the world.  It has a beautiful white flesh and a delicate mild & sweet taste. Coming your way pre-dressed meaning that they have had their skin and fins removed to ensure you can enjoy them as quickly as possible.

Calamari tubes and tentacles 500g – R125

  • These sweet and succulent tubes and tentacles are caught off the coast of Spain, Argentina and New Zealand. They’re mild in taste and easy to use – seafood pasta, anyone?

4 Kingklip portions 220g – 250g  R225

  • The most popular fish in South Africa – the portions are thick and boneless, with a delicate pearly white to rose colour. When cooked, they are firm and meaty and take well to seasoning and sauces.

2 Yellowtail portions 250/280g R120

  • The South African classic. It’s rich and firm and can be grilled, braaied, pickled and baked, either whole or in steaks. Delicious!

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