NEW Skinny Burgers at Robin Hood Burger & Grill

Less carbs; same fantastic taste!

Burgers – two fresh buns with a thick, juicy beef patty or succulent chicken breast smashed in between. With so many gourmet variations, Robin Hood Burger & Grill, has become one of the most popular burger spots in town. And to become a little more health & carb-conscious, they’ve introduced a brand new skinny burger menu.

Try their new skinny burgers!

Low carb? No problem! Robin Hood Burger and Grill caters to all tastes with their range of skinny burgers sans bun! Check out their delicious range:

  1. Skinny Prince John with grass fed beef, cheese and roasted veg – R94
  2. Will Stutely with free range chicken, chilli cheese sauce and bacon – R69
  3. David of Doncaster  with polenta veggi patty, roast veg, and feta – R78
  4. Reynold Greenleaf with vegan bulgar patty, roast veg, fried onion and sundried tomato– R75

Change the way you see burgers. Book your table now.

Directions to Robin Hood Burger & Grill
66 Kloof street
Cape Town
021 286 3353

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