FoodBlogCT News Week 49 2012

Tuesday, the 4th of December

David Beckham to open restaurant with Ramsay

The 37-year-old Los Angeles Galaxy soccer player is teaming up with the ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ TV chef for the eatery and he is “excited” to be venturing into a new business.[read more]

The White House Gingerbread House

There’s no mistaking that the holidays are around the corner. It’s getting colder, the shops are playing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” on their overhead speakers and now, the final nail in the coffin: the White House just put up its yearly gingerbread house. [read more]

White House Ginger Bread House

Black truffle hit by global warming

Scientists said on Tuesday they had proof that climate change was hitting the Perigord black truffle, a gourmet delight around the world. [read more]

Man saved by drinking Whiskey

Ernest Hemingway often talked of drinking himself “blind” in The Sun Also Rises, but for one New Zealand man, fiction became reality after a mix of vodka and diabetes medication turned him sightless. Fortunately for Denis Duthie, highly skilled doctors had the perfect remedy on hand: Whiskey. [read more]

Scotch on the rocks whisky with ice whiskey with ice

Monday, the 3rd of December

Best of Box Wines 2012 via @spitorswallow

Cape Town ROCKED on Thursday, 29 November when over 100 guests attended the third annual Spit or Swallow Box Wine Awards at Mercury Live in Cape Town. [read more]

10 Things The Fast Food Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Think your Big Mac was flipped by a teenager just looking for some pocket change? That’s less and less the case these days. Find out the average age of a fast food worker and 9 other things the fast food industry doesn’t want you to know. [read more]

Fast Food Healthy Options Don’t Mean Fewer Calories

“Entree salads, which are increasing in number, can be bad, too. With fried chicken on top and regular dressing, they can have more calories than a burger,” lead researcher Katherine Bauer, an assistant professor in the department of public health at Temple University, told HealthDay. [read more]

Restaurant Offers Dish For $1,200

The item has all the ridiculously expensive ingredients you’d expect: four kinds of caviar, spiny lobster, wagyu beef and 24 karat gold leaves (natch). Should you feel a little strapped for cash, Katsu also offers a $200 six ounce Wagyu strip steak and Wagyu beef three ways for $400 (a steal!). [read more]

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