FoodBlogCT News Week 30 2012

Friday, the 27th of July

#FoodFact: In the Old Testament, only the Book of Jonah has no reference to the vine or wine.

Special-of-the-Day: Breakfast & Lunch Specials at Anatoli [read more]

Residents say No to Ice-Cream Trucks

People in Scottsdale, Ariz. must really dislike ice cream trucks. A recent measure to lift the city’s decades-old ban on street vendors was met with opposition from residents who expressed a dislike for food trucks and vendors of all kinds.[read more]

US in costliest drought since 1988

The drought engulfing the central US is likely to cost $12bn, making it the costliest since 1988, experts say. [read more]

Starving out Illegal Miners

One of South Africa’s biggest gold firms, Harmony Gold Mining Company [JSE:HAR] has taken the drastic step of banning all food underground to cut supply lines to gangs of illegal miners used to staying deep in the mines for months on end, threatening lives and official production. [read more]

Are We Facing Another Global Food Price Crisis?

The worst drought to hit the USA in over half a century has sent international food prices climbing again. Prices for corn and soybeans (the USA is the world’s biggest producer of both) last week passed the peaks they reached during the 2007/8 global food crisis which saw riots in over 30 countries, the number of hungry pass 1 billion, and the humanitarian system overwhelmed by spiralling demand for food aid. [read more]

Thursday, the 26th of July

#FoodFact: An Italian study argues that women who drink two glasses of wine a day have better sex!

Special-of-the-Day: Huge List of Blowfish Winter Specials [read more]

Half Of USA Drink Soda Everyday

The health hazards of drinking sugar sweetened beverages like sodas and sugary fruit drinks is no secret. In fact, a Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity study found that a majority of Americans understand that soda is bad for them. [read more]

Man frees 17-pound lobster from Restaurant

A Connecticut man purchased a 17-pound lobster at a Waterford restaurant, then released the crustacean back into Long Island Sound. [read more]

Jamie Oliver: sports stars wrong to promote junk food‎

Sporting figures such as David Beckham and Gary Lineker are “wrong” to promote junk food brands which aid obesity and poor health, the chef Jamie Oliver and leading doctors have warned. [read more]

Fat tax on junk food could save 100,000 lives a year

Large scale actions by government are more effective than encouraging individuals to lead healthier lives, European experts said. [read more]

Wednesday, the 25th of July

#FoodFact: Do you know a cork-tease? [Someone who constantly talks about the wine he or she will open but never does

Special-of-the-Day: 2-for-1 on all mains at Pizzeria Villagio [read more]

SA ranked 40th in Food Securty | That’s way better than our FIFA Ranking!

South Africa has ranked 40th out of 105 countries in a Global Food Security Index which has the US in the top spot and the Democratic Republic of Congo at the bottom. [read more]

Is Groupon to blame for DC waffle restaurant closing?

That’s what Back Alley Waffles claims after being forced to shut its doors after only three months in business. The restaurant wrote on its website that they were forced to shutter “indefinitely due to the bloodthirsty business practices of [G]roupon.” [read more]

Reserve Bank warns of higher food prices in 2012

The Reserve Bank has warned that food prices could remain elevated during the remainder of this year due to cost-push pressures arising from higher transport costs‚ electricity and refrigeration costs‚ and wage increases‚ the Reserve Bank said in its annual economic report released on Monday, 23 July 2012. [read more]

How Fast Food Companies Target Stoners

That makes this a bit of watershed moment. We’ve arrived at a point when image-conscious corporations marketing products to the users of an illegal drug is not just common, not just acceptable but downright profitable. Running shoes for cocaine users can’t be far off. [read more]

Tuesday, the 24th of July

#FoodFact: In ancient Greece, a dinner host would take the first sip of wine to assure guests the wine was not poisoned!

Special-of-the-Day: Pasta Passion – Get a glass of wine with any Pasta Dish [read more]

Concrete Eggs May Be The Future Of Winemaking #winetrends

When we think of wine, we imagine underground cellars of the stuff aging in wooden barrels. But that could change thanks to the growing popularity of “concrete eggs.” [read more]

McDonalds underperforms in India

McDonald’s isn’t doing so well in India, and the global fast food chain is slashing prices in an effort to boost sales. [read more]

Clumsy Customer Shatters $77,615 Bottle Of Historic Cognac

Here’s something groan-worthy. A customer at London’s Playboy Club recently managed to destroy a $77,615 (£50,000) bottle of historic Cognac, which dated back to 1788. [read more]

Ordering Food Online? That’ll Be More Calories, Cost And Complexity

Think about it — when you order something online, you avoid long lines, there are infinite options at your fingertips, and no one can see your face. So it comes as little surprise, then, when people order food online, they might go a little overboard. [read more]

Monday, the 23rd July

#FoodFact: The smell of young wine is called an “aroma” while a more mature wine offers a more subtle “bouquet”.

Special-of-the-Day: Power Lunch at Peddlars [read more]

Food price hikes on the horizon for SA

Food prices could rise sharply as maize and soya bean prices hit record highs in the US on Thursday, the Financial Times reported. [read more]

Very Worrying! Alaska: Where have all the Salmon Gone?

Some of Alaska’s largest and best rivers are closed to king fishing because state and federal fisheries managers have determined that the largest of the salmon species, also called Chinook, aren’t showing up in enough numbers to ensure sustainable future runs. [read more]

Have you experienced something similar in SA? NYC cafe sells tap water for $2.50 a cup

If you think the high cost of coffee was bad enough, what about paying $2.50 for a 16 ounce cup of tap water. [read more]

Clover warns of milk supply problems

A strike at Clover by Food and Allied Workers Union (Fawu) members may cause “hiccups” in the dairy company’s milk supply, it said on Friday. [read more]

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