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  • Authentic Italian and Seafood Cooking Class this Weekend!

    Saturday, 5th of May!  Wanting to expand your Italian cooking repertoire? This weekend Ginger & Lime are providing the perfect opportunity for just that with another exciting cooking course.  Chef Andrea Volpe of Pesce Azzuro, Woodstock’s trendy Italian seafood bistro, will host an Authentic Italian and Seafood cooking class.The chef focuses on sharing his knowledge […] More

  • An Interactive Weekend Experience with Ginger & Lime Cooking Studio

    The Ginger & Lime interactive foodie experiences are being taken to the next level by introducing the Thyme & Tide retreat weekends. Spend a full weekend away at The Beach House Collection in Yzerfontein, where you get to enjoy wonderful food, interactive cooking classes and the incredible hospitality of your hosts. The prices include accommodation, meals, […] More

  • Tantalizing Thai Interactive Cooking Class with Ginger & Lime

    If you love Thai cuisine, you will love this cooking course at Ginger & Lime. Expect an interactive & hands on cooking experience in Fresnaye near Sea Point incorporating beautiful Asian and specifically Thai inspired food. 15 March 2018 | 18h30 Denise (owner, host and chef at G&L) travels to Thailand regularly and her love […] More

  • Plant-based Cooking with Ginger & Lime

    Come and cook, connect and eat the rainbow with Eat to Thrive, Arabella Parkinson. This evening will include a colourful array of Mediterranean fusion from Arabella’s time spent on the European coastlines. Arabella works to make quick and easy vegetarian food accessible to everyone, encouraging people to eat less animal proteins and experiment with beautifully […] More

  • Asian Inspired Cooking Classes with Ginger & Lime

    Travel Asia with Ginger & Lime at this interactive cooking class!  If you love Asian cuisine – like we do – you will love this cooking class at Ginger & Lime on the 28th of February 2018. Inspired by travels, Denise will showcase her favourite dishes, giving you all the tools and skills to prepare […] More

  • Authentic Italian & Seafood at Ginger & Lime

    Learn how to make authentic Italian dishes with Ginger & Lime! During these cooking classes at Ginger & Lime, you will make use of perfect ingredients of the Mediterranean diet such as extra virgin olive oil (no butter!), home-made tomato sauces, fresh fish and much more. Coming from Tuscany, Andrea brings an authentic, yet contemporary […] More

  • Seasonal Summer Cooking at Ginger & Lime

    MEAT DISHES • SALADS • FRESH FISH Get inspired by the new season and learn how to create beautiful healthy dishes that are just as tasty as they are good for you! At Ginger & Lime, they are passionate about food that not only feeds the soul, but nurtures yourself and those who enjoy your […] More

  • Join an Authentic South African Braai Experience with Ginger & Lime

    This cooking experience is for everyone. Locals will love it, girls will love it and tourists exploring South African cuisine will love it! Who doesn’t love well prepared cuts of meat, divine fresh sides and a cold beer or glass of vino by the fire. If you don’t… we think you should especially come to […] More

  • Interactive Cape Malay Cooking Class with Ginger & Lime

    This experience at Ginger & Lime is guaranteed to be a diverse and aromatic evening of curries and dishes we love! From the Cape Malay style this will of course boast local flair. Some spicy, some not, there is something for everyone! And… best of all, this is a hands on and interactive cooking class […] More

  • Adventures into Aroma with Tribe Coffee Roasting

    Join Tribe Coffee Roasting in Woodstock for two unique course in Aroma on the 26th & 27th of January.  The first course (26th January 2018) is a beginners guide to using your nose. It will show you how to begin to assess everything you smell from coffee to wine to soil to books. You’ll leave […] More

  • Festive Season Cooking at Ginger & Lime

    Get inspired by the festive season and amp up your silly season menus with Ginger & Lime Food Studio. Learn how to create beautiful wholesome dishes that are just as tasty as they are good for you! At G&L, they are passionate about food that not only feeds the soul, but nurtures yourself and those […] More

  • November is the perfect time to join a Cooking Class with Ginger & Lime

    As the warmth of the anticipated long sunny days slowly creeps in, we approach all we have learnt this year from a different perspective. The month of November will be all about preparing to make the most of the busy times ahead. SPRING TIME and the awakening it brings. Easy entertaining, effortless meals prepared together, family […] More